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Stand-On vs. Walk-Behind Aerators

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
24" Exmark Stand-on Aerator in use

If you’re looking to add an aerator to your equipment fleet, there’s one question you need to answer: should you buy a stand-on or a walk-behind aerator? The answer will depend on your business needs, the types of property you maintain and your terrain, but we have some basics that can help you choose the right configuration.

Walk-Behind Aerators

If your budget is limited, walk-behind aerators typically have a lower price-point than stand-ons. They are well-suited for small areas, so if you primarily maintain residential properties with small to medium lot sizes, a walk-behind should meet your needs. They’re self-propelled, but an operator may still experience fatigue after a day of steering one around properties, especially if they aren’t designed with ergonomic features or the operator’s comfort in mind.

Exmark’s 21-inch walk-behind aerator has a top speed of 4 mph, and can cover almost one acre per hour. It has straight-forward controls, ergonomic handles, and features heavy-duty, self-cleaning tines. It operates in both forward and reverse, and pulls 4.6 plugs per square feet.

Stand-On Aerators

Stand-on aerators are more comfortable for the operator, and can result in less fatigue. They’re typically larger and operate at higher speeds than walk-behind aerators, resulting in better efficiency for your operation. They are ideal for larger lots, parks and athletic fields, and allow you to aerate more acres in less time — which can mean more profits for your business. When you figure in the increased productivity, a stand-on may be a better purchase in the long run. Stand-ons provide improved traction  and maneuverability, allowing you to negotiate tight spaces with zero-turning radius.

Exmark makes stand-on aerators in a 24-inch and a 30-inch model. With the ability to easily set tine depth between 0.5 inches and 5 inches, the Electronic Depth Control allows operators to maintain consistent core quality around a property—allowing operators to cover more ground, more efficiently. The 24-inch model will fit through a standard 36-inch residential gate, making it ideal for residential property maintenance. It can reach speeds of up to 6.8 miles per hour and aerates almost 1.4 acres per hour. The 30-inch stand-on model reaches speeds up to 7 miles per hour and aerates more than 1.8 acres per hour. Both Exmark stand-on models include a unique platform suspension that provides an extra-smooth ride for the operator, which increases their comfort and may help reduce fatigue.

Choose Exmark

Whether you choose an Exmark stand-on or walk-behind aerator, they feature commercial grade engines and are built to be durable and easily maintained. To schedule a demo, see your local Exmark dealer.

New for 2019: Exmark Staris Stand-On Zero-Turn

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

It’s never to early to begin planning for next year’s mowing season when you’re a landscape professional. If this year is the year to trade up on an existing mower, or add to your fleet, take a look at our revolutionary new Staris stand-on zero-turn mower.

Exmark Staris delivers increased stability and traction, and with zero-turn steering, it can make tight turns and maneuver around obstacles. The optimized design places heavier components, like the engine, low on the machine to improve balance and lower the center of gravity.  The optimized design and compact size of all models means they take up less space on your trailer, and are easier to load and unload.

A large, open platform design allows operators to mount and dismount quickly.  The adjustable isolators of the operator platform suspension system let operators customize the ride quality, enhancing comfort and productivity. The suspended operator platform folds for more compact storage and trailering (S-Series only).  No-slip rubber matting and the large platform allows operators to change stance or position for maximum comfort throughout the day (S-Series only).

The ergonomically designed steering system makes operating the Staris easy, and the innovative Smart Controller (S-Series only) reduces downtime with maintenance reminders and on-screen machine health diagnostics. We also improved the layout of key operator controls like the key, choke and throttle for improved accessibility. The height-of-cut system (S-Series only) was developed for operators to quickly change cut height by raising or lowering the deck.

Staris E-Series models feature Kawasaki V-twin commercial engines and come in three UltraCut Series 3 deck sizes from 32-, 36- and 44-inches. The 32-inch model will fit through a standard 36-inch gate.  Staris S-Series models offer either carbureted Kawasaki or Kohler EFI V-twin engines. The full-size S-Series models are available with 48-, 52- or 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks. Exmark optimizes frame design and caster wheel positions for each deck width, providing superior cut quality and easy maintenance. Staris offers the ability to mulch or bag clippings with the appropriate deck accessories.

Because maintenance shouldn’t make your job more difficult, all Staris models feature a flip-up front cover that provides you with tool-free access for mower maintenance and cleaning.  The rear cover lifts and locks into place, allowing easy access to fill and change engine oil or hydro fluid.

With the range of deck sizes, commercial-grade power, and optimized design for commercial mowers, there’s a Staris that’s right for your needs. Staris stand-on mowers will be available from Exmark dealers in early spring 2019. Find your dealer.

New for 2018: Exmark Radius S-Series Zero-Turn Mower with Suspension Platform

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Exmark’s Radius S-Series zero-turn mower is now available with a fully suspended platform, giving commercial operators a smoother ride that minimizes the effects of bumps and vibration. For commercial mowers, the suspension platform system means maximum productivity while preserving Radius’s cut quality and performance.

The suspended platform uses three independent coil-over dampers, which isolates the operator platform from the mower’s chassis. The suspended platform has three inches of vertical travel, making bumpy and rough terrain much more comfortable to mow. The trailing arm design minimizes lateral movement, too, so there’s less swaying. The cast aluminum platform and coil over hydraulic dampers are designed to last, and Exmark mowers are all built to last.

Because the travel of the operator platform is completely isolated from the cutting deck, there is no drop-off in cut quality. Operator comfort is further enhanced by a 20-inch high back operator seat featuring plush foam padding and an Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric base. And the suspension platform is easy to adjust for operator weight and preferences, without tools – something large landscaping and mowing operations will appreciate. And because the platform is virtually maintenance free, there is no additional upkeep or downtime, something company owners will appreciate.

The Radius S-Series with suspension platform is available with a choice of 48-, 52- or 60-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting decks or a 60-inch rear-discharge deck. An air-cooled 708 cc Exmark twin-cylinder engine provides the power, and is capable of drive speeds up to 9 mph. Radius mowers were designed to be easy to maintain, so there’s tool-free belt access, maintenance-free sealed bearding blade spindle assemblies, and an integrated oil drain hose for fast and mess free oil changes.

The Radius S-Series with suspension platform may be the right addition to your fleet of mowers. It delivers superior operator comfort, commercial durability, reliability and cut quality at a lower total cost of ownership than other machines. Talk to your local dealer to arrange a demo.

Quest Residential Zero-Turn Mowers: Redesigned for 2018

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Everyone wants to have a beautiful lawn, but achieving one takes time. Especially, time spent mowing. For homeowners who want a professional quality of cut, Exmark has redesigned our Quest residential zero-turn mowers. With speeds of up to 7 mph and the ability to mow up to 2.8 acres per hour, the Quest can tame even the largest lawn in short order.

On 2018 Quest models, operators have fingertip access to critical systems and controls, including the throttle, PTO clutch, ignition switch and more. The control panel makes mowing with a Quest simple and intuitive, making it easier for homeowners to get professional results. We also redesigned the seat, providing 18” high seat backs on both models, providing more support and comfort. Additionally, the S-Series has a deluxe bolstered seat with a distinctive, tri-color seat cover.

No matter how large your lawn, there’s a Quest model to handle it. The 2018 Quest E-Series gives homeowners the choice between a 34- or 42-inch deck, while the Quest S-Series is available with either a 50- or 60-inch deck. Quest Series 2 decks feature side-discharge chutes and have commercial-grade features like anti-scalp rollers and sealed blade spindle housings.

The Exmark 708-cc V-Twin engine was designed specifically as a zero-turn mower engine. It delivers more power exactly when it’s needed, like on hills or when you hit a rough patch of grass. The engines were developed for easier maintenance, like a standard quick-drain oil hose, letting homeowners drain engine oil without tools or mess. The air box cover was designed to help prevent incorrect installation of air filters, which could impact performance and lessen engine life. And our engineers designed carburetors and air intakes that reduce dust and debris build up inside the engine.

Homeowners who care about their lawns can rest assured that an investment in an Exmark Quest is a good one, as they’re built for durability and long-lasting performance. Exmark mowers are trusted 2-to-1 over the next best-selling brand by landscape professionals. To see if a Quest residential zero-turn mower is right for you property, arrange a demo at your local Exmark dealer.

Exmark Stand-On Aerator: New 24” Model for 2018

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Exmark’s Stand-On Aerator delivers industry-leading performance and maneuverability. Now, we’re adding a compact machine for lawn care professionals aerating smaller properties. The 24” Stand-On Aerator makes quick work of smaller lawns with less effort than a 21” walk-behind aerator.

With its simple, intuitive controls, all Exmark Stand-On Aerators are easy to operate and maneuver. Ergonomic handles relieve operator stress, allowing crew members to work comfortably over longer periods. Isolation bumpers on the operator platform reduce bumps and vibration, helping keep operators comfortable.  Intuitive controls mean less time training your crew, and more time working.

The core depth can easily be adjusted, without tools, from 0.5” to 5” in half inch increments, allowing for consistent core depth across the entire property. Tines are engaged and disengaged through a foot-activated hydraulic line, leaving the operator’s hands clear to maneuver the aerator. And the aerator’s zero-turning radius provides extreme maneuverability around trees, shrubs and other obstacles.

With its hydro drive system, the 24” Stand-On Aerator reduces horsepower requirements and improves operating efficiency. A Smart Controller provides in-depth and real-time intelligence, including machine hours, machine health, and maintenance reminders, on a LCD screen. It also allows the operator to control tine depth electronically, rather than stopping and manually adjusting the tines.

The 24” model will easily fit through 36” gates, providing crews access to areas that previously needed to be aerated with a 21” walk-behind aerator. On smaller lots, you’ll maintain maneuverability while increasing productivity over a walk behind. With speeds of up to 6.8 mph, your landscape crews will make short work of aerating tasks.

Adding additional lawn care services can be a great way to grow your business and profitability, especially when the equipment drives increased productivity and efficiency on the part of your crews. If you’re interested in adding either the 30” or the 24” Stand-On Aerator to your equipment fleet, talk to your local Exmark dealer.

Lazer Z S-Series Now Features a Smart Controller

Monday, January 29th, 2018

At Exmark, we know machine downtime causes real problems for commercial lawn operations. Our new Lazer Z S-Series mowers, equipped with a Smart Controller, provide critical systems information in real-time, reducing downtime by alerting you to any issues with the machine and upcoming maintenance.

The Smart Controller is a large display with a LED status light that notifies the operator if a malfunction has occurred. When the machine is operating normally, the light is green; a red light indicates an active error. An alternating green/orange light indicates a clutch reset is necessary. Other on-screen alerts provide information on fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, and charging system status. The Smart Controller also includes a Limp Mode feature, disabling the cutting system and preventing damage to the mower in the event of a critical system error.

The Smart Controller replaces the traditional hour meter, integrating maintenance reminders with run time, so that you know when oil changes, transmission service and other engine maintenance are due. As regular maintenance is crucial to keeping mowers running, maintenance reminders are displayed on a large, easy-to-read digital screen.

In addition to reducing downtime and preventing machine damage due to malfunctions, the Smart Controller can make tracking mower maintenance much easier than manually tracking each machine’s hours against the recommended maintenance schedule. Much like the service reminders on your vehicle, you’re warned of upcoming maintenance needs and can plan for them in advance, rather than waiting until after you’ve hit the hour mark.

Since we know you mow no matter the weather conditions, the Smart Controller is weatherproof to provide dependable operation in rain and extreme temperatures. The ignition key switch is sealed, as is the non-contact PTO switch.

The Smart Controller is available on Lazer Z S-Series models with Kohler EFI gasoline engines and your choice of a 52-, 60- or 72-inch UltraCut Series 4 deck, and on the propane Lazer Z S-Series models, with a 60- or 72-inch UltraCut Series 4 deck. The EFI engines deliver efficient and steady performance, and the propane option will help reduce fuel cost. And, of course, Smart Controller-equipped Lazer Z models provide unmatched operator comfort and Exmark’s signature quality of cut.

To demo a Lazer Z S-Series with Smart Controller, contact your local Exmark dealer. You’ll soon learn why Exmark’s are trusted 2-to-1 by landscape professionals over the next best-selling brand of zero-turn lawn mowers*.

*Based on U.S. Data study by Wiese Research Associates Inc. Market Share and Additional Equipment Study (February 2016).

Introducing the 2018 Lazer Z Diesel Zero-Turn Mower with 96” Flex Wing Deck

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

We know lawn care professionals need three things from their equipment: performance, productivity and durability. We’ve raised the bar on all three with the new 2018 Lazer Z Diesel mowers. And we didn’t forget about operator comfort, either.

Lazer Z Diesel mowers make quick work of the largest, toughest jobs, and are a great choice for those who need a versatile, durable and highly efficient mower to maintain vast expanses of turf, or who mow under difficult conditions. Despite high mowing speeds, the Lazer Z Diesel with a 96” Flex Wing deck is the most productive mower Exmark has built, yet retains the signature cut quality of the Lazer Z line.

Exmark engineers designed the Lazer Z Diesel mowers with the engine and the radiator set low in the chassis, creating a lower center of gravity for improved stability. Another design decision was to couple the engine to the transmission, doing away with drive belts. As a result, Lazer Z Diesel mowers have a more robust and efficient powertrain that helps reduce the need for service schedules. For owners, this means maximum uptime and a lower total cost of ownership when compared to similar mowers.

RED Technology-equipped, liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engines provide the power while operating at reduced levels. A 1.6-liter common rail direct-injection engine is an option on all three models, delivering maximum power and torque. There’s also a 1.3 liter option for delivering responsive power and maximum fuel efficiency. RED Technology works with electronic governors to increase responsiveness and virtually eliminates governor droop. RED Technology also monitors machine health, provides on-screen service alerts, and helps deliver the reduced exhaust emissions necessary to achieve EPA Tier 4 compliance.

The all-new UltraCut Flex Wing deck is available only on the Lazer Z Diesel mowers. A 48” rear discharge center deck with two 24” wing decks uses four matching blades to deliver uncompromising cut quality across the entire 8-foot-wide cut. With the optional mulch kit attached, you won’t have to rake or vacuum, making the mower even more productive. The wing decks flex up and down on uneven terrain to minimize scalping, and with both decks raised, the 96” wide mower can fit in a trailer designed to accommodate 72-inch zero turn mowers. (72-inch or 60-inch UltraCut deck, in side or rear-discharge configurations, are also available.)

We believe operator comfort goes a long way to keeping a mowing team productive, and the 2018 Lazer Z Diesel mowers include a number of technologies designed to increase your comfort and reduce exposure to bumps and vibrations. Isolation mounts provide three-dimensional isolation from vibration in the frame, and the full-suspension operator seat features a scissor-link ball-bearing suspension system, Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric base, and custom seat cushion foam for all-day comfort.

Ready for Exmark’s most productive diesel zero-turn mower? Contact your local dealer for pricing and a demonstration, and see why Exmark mowers are trusted 2-to-1 over the next best-selling brand by landscape professionals.

New for 2018: Exmark Updates its Line of Mowers and Turf Management Equipment

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

We’re ringing in 2018 with a host of upgrades and new features to our zero-turns and turf management equipment. Our goal with upgrades is providing commercial cutters with even more dependable and efficient machines providing enhanced operator comfort, even on the longest and roughest days.

Lazer Z Diesel

The all-new Lazer Z Diesel is one of our latest innovations, including a 96-inch flex wing mower. Capable of mowing nearly 10 acres per hour, this is the most productive diesel mower we’ve built, and it will make quick work of even the largest jobs. We also raised the bar on operator comfort, cut quality and fuel efficiency. And, with the wing decks raised, the mower will fit inside most trailers designed for 72” zero-turn mowers. Lazer Z Diesel mowers are also available with 60-and 72-inch UltraCut mower decks.

Redesigned Quest Zero-Turn Mowers

Quest residential zero-turn mowers have been given an overhaul, including a new control panel providing fingertip access to vital operator controls like the throttle, PTO clutch, ignition and more. This redesign helps better protect the engine with an improved engine guard, while delivering increased airflow.  An 18” high-back operator seat on the E-Series, and deluxe 18” seats on the S-Series, help improve operator stability and comfort.

Radius S-Series with Suspended Operator Platform

The new Radius S-Series mowers with suspension platform come with a choice of 48-, 52-, or 60-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting decks, or a 60-inch rear discharge cutting deck. The Suspension Platform helps minimize operator fatigue, while maintaining productivity, cut quality and mower durability. It also helps reduce the impact of bumps and vibration on the operator. The trailing arm design increases operator stability, while reducing lateral sway. Because the suspended operator platform and the deck travel independently, there is no reduction in cut quality which makes this mower a great choice for acreages with uneven terrain.

The Next-Generation of RED Technology

RED Technology On-Board Mower Intelligence was a game changer, allowing key systems to communicate with each other for improved performance, durability and efficiency. Next-Generation RED Technology features a new LCD monitor screen mounted on the console, where operators can monitor vital mower functions, report on-property and mowing statistics, and receive service reminders and troubleshooting information. Next-Generation RED Technology is available on select Lazer Z and Lazer Z Diesel models.

Smart Controller

Select Lazer Z S-Series models come standard with Smart Controller, an operator interface with a wealth of user data like fuel level, interlock status, PTO and total hours, maintenance reminders and machine health status. The easy-to-use interface is designed to work with mechanically governed Kohler EFI engines.

Exmark 24-Inch Stand-On Aerator

We developed a smaller version of our 30-inch Stand-On Aerator for smaller or gated properties, bringing greater productivity and flexibility to lawncare professionals. If you were previously using a smaller walk-behind aerator on gated properties, the 24-inch Stand-On easily fits through 36” gates, so you can aerate at up to 6.8 mph.  And with a new Aerator Spreader attachment, you can use your aerator to spread seed and fertilizer at the same time.

All of the above products will be available in 2018. See your local Exmark dealer for more details or for a demonstration.

RED Technology: How Onboard Intelligence Platforms Benefit Commercial Mowers

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

As commercial mowing season winds down, you may be evaluating your fleet, deciding if it’s time to retire an old mower, or whether a good season this year means you should expand your fleet for next year. In addition to your current situation, you might also consider whether your existing mowers have an onboard intelligence platform? If not, it may be worth trading up to mowers that do.

What is an Onboard Intelligence Platform?

An onboard intelligence platform, like Exmark’s patented RED Technology, enables communication and response between key systems on your mower, monitoring and responding to changes in RPMs, oil pressure, speed and fuel usage. If critical thresholds are exceeded, the mower automatically goes into Safe Transport mode, so that it can be driven back to base (or a trailer) without damaging the machine.

RED-equipped mowers have three preset modes to maximize fuel efficiency. In Efficient mode, the mower operates at lower RPMs, while blade speed is optimized for maximum cut quality. For tough conditions or terrain, Max mode delivers the extra power you need for difficult mowing conditions. Low mode is for operating in wet conditions, and improves cut quality by reducing deck packing. These are controlled with a rocker switch on the instrument panel.

Another benefit of RED Technology is the automatic Clutch Saver, which engages at 2,750 RPMs and shuts off at 2,500 RPMs, regardless of throttle position or what the operator does. In addition to prolonging clutch life, this lets operators engage or disengage PTO of the fly, without stopping to change setup.

Currently, RED Technology is available on the Lazer Z X-Series

What Are the Benefits of RED Technology?

For the commercial mower, better fuel efficiency is a key benefit of RED Technology onboard intelligence platforms. RED-equipped mowers can be up to 40% more efficient than other models. Since fuel is often a commercial mowers biggest operating expense, savings can add up to thousands of dollars over a season. Less wear and tear, longer lasting machines, and less damage should the mower overheat can also contribute to savings.

Do I Need a Mower with an Onboard Intelligence Platform?

Just as some people still drive stick shift cars, and other people don’t own dishwashers, you may not need it, but that doesn’t mean an intelligence platform like RED Technology won’t make your life easier.  If you’re a landscape professional looking to maximize profits, minimize downtime, and make mowers last longer, then RED-equipped mowers can make a big difference. As you inventory your fleet, consider the impact of improved fuel efficiency and less mower downtime on your bottom line.

Why Electronic Fuel Injection Improves Lawn Mowers

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

For landscape professionals looking to cut high fuel costs, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) mowers can be a great starting point. Whether on your car or your mower, fuel injection engines use pressurized injectors to spray precise amounts of fuel into the air stream. This precision is an improvement over carburetors, which approximate the ratio of fuel to air. The result is increased performance and efficiency.

Exmark EFI mowers with E-Gov deliver enhanced performance. Because they don’t need a choke, mowers start quickly, whether the engine is hot or cold. Once running, they respond easily to changes in engine loads, like rough grass or tough uphill climbs. On mowers without EFI, engines can slow down, but with EFI and E-Gov, the engine maintains RPM and blade speed, keeping you running at peak performance without burning through extra fuel. If you mow a lot of hilly properties, EFI and E-Gov can help you mow more efficiently and with less fuel.

For landscape contractors running multiple machines all day, all season long, fuel is a top operating expense, likely your second largest expense after labor. EFI mowers can improve efficiency by 25% over traditional carburetors, drastically reducing fuel prices. When the U.S. average for gasoline is $2.10 a gallon, the savings may not seem like much. But gas prices can rise suddenly, in response to disasters or events elsewhere in the world. If your mowers are inefficient, an increase in fuel costs can mean fewer profits and thinner margins. (If you’re wondering how high gas prices can go, the highest price per gallon in the U.S. was $4.11, in July 2008, according to AAA.)

Fuel injection also means no carburetor adjustments and maintenance, reducing downtime and keeping your machines in the field longer.

So, while EFI is an additional up-front cost, the savings you’ll gain from improved performance and efficiency means you should save money in the long run. Exmark offers electronic fuel injection engines on many mowers, including Lazer-Z zero-turn mowers, Vantage stand-on mowers, and Turf Tracer walk-behinds.