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How to Mow Like a Pro

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

(StatePoint) You might not earn your living taking care of lawns, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same quality of cut as landscape pros.

For a consistently superior cut, experts say average consumers should look for Exmark Lazer Z E-Series commercial zero-turn mowercommercial grade products.

“Homeowners can also benefit from the performance and reliability a true commercial mower offers,” says Lloyd von Scheliha, product manager at Exmark, a leading manufacturer of lawn care equipment. “You’ll get lawn care done faster and it will look better in the end. Your mower will also last longer and require less maintenance.”

Homeowners should be advised however that the term “commercial grade” is thrown around a lot these days in advertising. If you’re in the market for a new mower, you should understand what commercial grade really means before making a purchase.

“Take a look at the equipment your local landscape professionals are using and you`ll get a good feel for what commercial mowers look like,” says von Scheliha.

He says homeowners should consider the following:

  • Your mower should offer superior durability to stand the test of time. Look for fabricated cutting decks, which are stiffer, stronger and more durable than stamped decks — even reinforced models. The durability advantage should extend to the components as well.
  • Productivity and maneuverability in a mower offer average consumers time-savings, reducing the time that’s needed to cut a lawn, and then do trim work. Consider a zero-turn mower, which delivers a finished appearance more quickly than other mower types.
  • Even a commercial mower will deliver superior results longer if you perform routine maintenance. Always consult your owner’s manual to determine what specific maintenance is necessary for your machine. Cleaning, sharpening or replacing blades as they dull, replacing belts as they become worn, oil and filter changes, and other specific maintenance as outlined in your owner’s manual, will improve equipment performance and longevity.

More information about lawn care and commercial grade lawn equipment can be found at

This season, take steps to be informed so you can mow like a pro.

How to Get a Great Lawn in Less Time

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

(StatePoint) A stunning lawn is the trademark of most proud homeowners. After all, the front yard is the first thing visitors and passersby see. But achieving and maintaining the perfect landscape can be time consuming without the right tools.

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series commercial zero-turn mowerWant more of your weekends back? Experts say achieving professional-level results in less time starts with the equipment you use to do the job. Take stock of the tools in your garage or shed. Are they up to the task? If you’re spending too much time on the yard, it may be time to make some key upgrades.

The right lawnmower, for example, “is not just an investment in the beauty of your property, it’s an investment in your quality of life,” says Judy Altmaier, general manager of Exmark, a leading manufacturer of mowers and other lawn care equipment. “A faster mower means more free time, plain and simple.”

With that principle in mind, here are a few insights about what to look for when replacing an older mower with a new, more efficient model.

  • Maneuverability: Between trees, flower beds and other landscape features, a mower should be easy to maneuver, so you can mow closer and spend less time with the trimmer.
  • Quality of cut: Not all mowers offer the same quality of cut. When choosing a new mower, take this factor into consideration, as well as the type of lawn and grass you have.
  • Durability: A durable mower will include features such as welded, fabricated cutting decks, commercial engines and heavy-duty welded, tubular steel unibody frames.

For quick guidance, consider taking a cue from those who make a living by being more efficient in the yard – landscape professionals.

“These days, it’s safe to say that zero-turn riding mowers have become the tool of choice among landscape professionals,” says Altmaier.

Those from Exmark, for example, are available at various price points and offer great mower productivity, power and durability. For more information, visit

This season, give yourself more time and energy to enjoy the yard you so painstakingly maintain.

Exmark Advantage: Hydro Drive System

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
Exmark Pioneer S-Series zero-turn mower

Exmark hydro drive systems deliver increased reliability, durability and ease of use for landscape professionals and homeowners alike.

The heart of any zero-turn mower is the hydro drive system. It’s the system responsible for controllably putting the power to the ground — undoubtedly an important job.

That’s why Exmark has worked hard to develop innovations that make its hydro drive systems function better, more reliably, with increased long-term durability. Working in partnership with Parker, we designed a unitized pump and motor unit that eliminates all hoses, fittings and potential leak points.

In testing, the Exmark UHT drive system in combination with Exmark Premium Hydraulic Oil has been proven to operate in the toughest commercial conditions while maintaining cooler system temperatures than the “off the shelf” hydro drive systems used by other manufacturers.

Exmark UHT hydro drive system

The UHT hydro drive system on Lazer Z zero-turn riders is designed to work harder, stay cooler and last longer than other hydro drive systems.

With no hoses and fewer parts to wear out, Exmark drive systems are more durable and easier to maintain than traditional drive systems. In fact, with proper preventative maintenance and care, the UHT hydro drive system on an Exmark Lazer Z can deliver 3,000 hours or more of productive mowing. That’s durability you can count on for years to-come!

Features of the Lazer Z UHT hydro drive system include:

UHT Hydro – 16cc

  • Used on Lazer Z X-Series with 60″ and 72″ Cutting Decks
  • Pump: Parker 16cc
  • Type: Axial piston
  • Displacement: 16.0 cc/rev
  • Motor: Parker
  • Type: Gerotor
  • Displacement: 280 cc/rev
  • Peak Torque: 684
  • Reservoir: 2 quart integral

UHT Hydro – 12cc

  • Used on Lazer Z E-Series, Lazer Z S-Series and Lazer Z X-Series with 48″ and 52″ Cutting Decks
  • Pump: Parker 12cc
  • Type: Axial piston
  • Displacement: 11.4 cc/rev
  • Motor: Parker
  • Type: Gerotor
  • Displacement: 240 cc/rev
  • Peak Torque: 684
  • Reservoir: 2 quart integral

Learn more about the advantage of Exmark hydro drive systems at



Exmark Advantage: Spindles

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
Exmark Navigator

A half-mowed playing field doesn’t look so good, so this isn’t the time when you want trouble with a blade spindle.

When it comes to what makes an Exmark an Exmark, there isn’t one single thing you can point to and say “that’s it.” Rather, there are countless things — some big, some not so big — that add up to the unmatched performance, productivity and durability you get with Exmark mowers and lawn care equipment.

Today we’ll take a look at the blade spindles: a key feature of Exmark walk-behind, stand-on, and zero-turn riding mowers. Since they’re covered by shrouds atop the cutting deck, they aren’t parts you often think about, unless you’re having trouble with one.

Exmark Series 5/6 blade driver

This UltraCut Series 5/6 spindle cutaway shows the maintenance-free sealed bearings and 30mm splined blade driver, which eliminates impact-related bolt tightening.

If you’re relying on that mower to make your money for the day, that’s not a very appealing option. And even if you just want to mow your lawn, an awesome mower with a bad blade spindle isn’t going to get it done for you.

As a result, our designers, engineers and test crew have spent a lot of time and energy on the blade spindles on our UltraCut cutting decks. The result are spindles that do the vital job of making the blades go around with industry-leading efficiency, durability and low-maintenance.

Exmark uses tough cast aluminum housings with maintenance-free sealed, non-greasable bearing design. 25-30mm splined blade drivers (depending on UltraCut series) eliminate bolt over tightening and the spindles are completely serviceable. Exmark spindles are designed with features that minimize the opportunity for moisture ingression into the spindle assembly and/or bearings. This increases spindle lifespan considerably.

Learn more about the advantage of Exmark blade spindles at

Spring 2016 Special Offers from Exmark

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

This is the time of year when a lot of folks are starting to think about warmer weather and getting out into the yard. For those looking to upgrade their equipment this season, Exmark has a number of special offers that can make it easier than ever to put the best mowers and lawn care equipment in your garage.

For a limited time, put that new Lazer Z you've always wanted into your garage for as little as $8,499.

For a limited time, put that new Lazer Z you’ve always wanted into your garage for as little as $8,499 MSRP. (Dealer sets final retail price. Shown with available accessories: MSRP $10,071.99.)

The Lazer Z E-Series is one of our most popular commercial zero-turn riding mowers. For a limited time, you can save up to $1,100 on select Lazer Z E-Series models. For example: you can take home a 52-inch Lazer Z E-Series machine (LZE732GKC524A2) for an MSRP of just $8,499, or a 60-inch model (LZE742GKC604A3) for $8,999. Visit your local Exmark dealer today to learn more or to schedule a demo.

We’re also offering rebates on select Exmark mowers, including:

  • $1,000 instant rebate on Navigator riding mowersexpires April 30, 2016 
  • $600 instant rebate on Pioneer E- and S-Series mowersexpires June 30, 2016
  • $500 instant rebate on Vantage stand-on riding mowers — expires June 30, 2016
  • $100 instant rebate on Commercial 21 walk-behind mowers — expires June 30, 2016

Visit to see these and other special offers on Exmark machines available for a limited time.

Finance Options

Exmark Commercial 30

Step up to full commercial performance and get a $100 instant rebate when you buy the popular Commercial 21 walk-behind mower through June 30, 2016.

Exmark partners with several national lenders to offer customers financing with very competitive terms. See your local Exmark dealer for full financing details, but some examples of financing offers currently available through our lending partners include:

  • 0% monthly interest for 42 months on purchases of $1,500 or more with your Exmark card — On Purchases of $1500 or more on Exmark Equipment with your Exmark credit card made between now and 04/30/2016. A $125 Promotion Fee will be charged. 42 Equal Monthly Payments required.
  • No monthly interest if paid-in-full within 12-months — On qualifying purchases of $400 or more with your Exmark credit card made between now and 04/30/2016. Monthly interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional balance is not paid in full within 12 Months. Minimum Monthly Payments required. A $50 Promotion Fee will be charged.

See full details and disclosures for these and other financing offers at (click “View Financing Options”).


Zero-Turn vs. Lawn Tractor: Introduction

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016
Zero-turn riding mower

Whether mowing wide-open spaces or tackling a highly-landscaped lawn, zero-turn mowers get work done more efficiently.

Home and acreage owners with one or more acres of property are faced with more choices than ever when it comes to mower type, size, features and price.  Among landscape maintenance professionals, it’s safe to say the zero-turn riding mower has become the tool of choice to consistently and quickly achieve a beautiful after-cut appearance. However, when it comes of homeowners, are zero-turn mowers still the preferred choice? Read on to find out.

Productivity: A faster mower = more free time

Landscape pros choose zero-turn mowers because they deliver the finished appearance their clients expect, and they do it more quickly than other mower types. And while it may be true that homeowners don’t have to make money with their mower, it’s a good idea to consider what their time is worth.

Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn mower

An increasing number of home and acreage owners have found the productivity benefits of a true commercial duty zero-turn rider like this Exmark Lazer Z.

Let’s take the case of an acreage owner with about 5 acres to mow, with moderate landscaping, a mixture of mature and small trees, and a kids’ play area in the back yard. We’ll compare lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers at three popular price points: $4,000-5,000; $7,000-8,000 and $13,000-14,000 in posts spread out over the next two weeks.

The comparisons will provide an estimate of the relative productivity that could be expected at each price point from a lawn tractor and zero-turn rider. That said, raw productivity numbers don’t factor in other aspects of mower performance such as maneuverability, durability, operator comfort or quality of cut. As a result, the ultimate productivity of a mower will depend on a combination of factors.

To determine the acres-per-hour productivity of each mower, we used the top speed of the mowers, along with the published width of the cutting deck. Since most mowers are not able to produce a good quality of cut at maximum speed, we assumed 80-percent efficiency from the mowers to account for this, as well as for time spent not actually cutting grass, such as turning around or overlap.

Look for our next installment of this series on Monday, January 11.

Dig Deeper at

  • Learn more about factors to consider when choosing a lawn tractor or zero-turn mower.
  • Learn more about how to determine mower productivity.

Zero Turn Mower vs Lawn Tractor: Which is better for you?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Home and acreage owners with one or more acres of property have more choices than ever when it comes to mower type, size, and price, just to name a few. Among landscape maintenance professionals, it’s safe to say the zero-turn riding mower has become the tool of choice to quickly achieve a professionally maintained appearance. However, when it comes to homeowners, are zero-turn mower still the preferred choice?

Exmark zero-turn mower productivity

Learn more about the productivity of Exmark mowers at

Productivity: A faster mower = more free time

Landscape pros choose zero-turn mowers because they deliver the finished appearance their clients expect, and they do it more quickly than other mower types. And while it may be true homeowners don’t need to make money with their mowers, it’s a good idea to consider what their time is worth.

We calculated the raw productivity of Exmark zero-turn riding mowers at three price points, along with the productivity of lawn tractors with similar MSRPs. The price ranges examined were:

  • $4,000-5,000
  • $7,000-8,000
  • $13,000-14,000

Learn more about the comparison and criteria used at

Productivity of $4,000-5,000 mowers

Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer

The Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer delivers true zero-turn performance in a steering wheel equipped machine that’s ideal for first-time zero-turn mower users.

Whether lawn tractor or zero-turn rider, most mowers in this price range have 48- to 54-inch cutting decks and top speeds of 6-7mph. As a result, raw productivity numbers are close for both types of mowers. In reality however, the differences in maneuverability are greatest in this price range, so the real world productivity gap is typically much larger than the raw numbers suggest. Find out why, and how the mowers in this price range compare, at

Productivity of $7,000-8,000 mowers

Exmark Pioneer S-Series zero-turn riding mower

A 60-inch Exmark Pioneer S-Series zero-turn rider can mow a five acre property in about 1 hour 15 minutes at 80 percent efficiency.

The raw productivity of mowers in the $7,000-8,000 range increases roughly one acre per hour for zero-turn mowers, and one-half acre per hour for lawn tractors, compared to the lower priced models. Within the category, the most productive machine — the Exmark Pioneer S-Series zero-turn rider with a  60-inch cutting deck — can save an acreage owner with five acres more than 20 minutes in mowing time compared to a similarly-priced lawn tractor. Factor in the increased maneuverability of the zero-turn machine and the real world time savings can be much greater. See how each of the mowers in this category stacked up at

Productivity of $13,000-14,000 mowers

Exmark Lazer Z X-Series commercial zero-turn mower

The incredible productivity of the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn mower lets it mow five acres in less than 45 minutes (at 80 percent productivity).

Moving up to the $13,000-14,000 price range, the productivity gap grows significantly. When comparing similar 60-inch cutting deck sizes, productivity for zero-turn riders nearly doubles compared to lower-priced machines. The productivity gap between zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors grows as well. When you factor in the availability of a larger 72-inch cutting deck on the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn rider, the productivity gap between the zero-turn mower and lawn tractor further to more than 2.5 acres per hour! Learn more about the productivity of each mower compared at

Other factors:

  • Maneuverability: Zero-turn riding mowers offer increased maneuverability to mow closer to landscaping, so you spend less time with the trimmer.
  • Quality of cut: Landscape pros choose Exmark zero-turn riding mowers for their ability to quickly and consistently deliver an unmatched quality of cut on a wide variety of lawns.
  • Durability: Commercial features including welded, fabricated cutting decks, state-of-the-art commercial powerplants and heavy-duty welded, tubular steel unibody frames demonstrate Exmark’s commitment to delivering mowers that are as durable as they are productive.

Bottom Line: Choose the tools the pros use

Get your weekends back

With a more productive mower, you can finish mowing quicker and get your weekends back.

When compared head-to-head, we believe Exmark zero-turn riding mowers offer the most compelling combination of productivity, maneuverability and quality of cut available today.

Learn more about the advantages of choosing an Exmark zero-turn riding mower at

* Productivity rating in gross acres per hour is based on the published specifications for each product. Actual performance may vary from specified performance based on conditions.

Formula for calculating acres per hour at 80% efficiency: (MPH x width of cut in inches)/124

How To Maintain Safe Operation When Mowing Hills

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

If you own a property with steep hills, you know the challenges mowing and lawn care present. And when you add in walls, planters and other landscaping, and kids’ equipment such as trampolines, all of the sudden, mowing becomes akin to navigating an obstacle course. Which mower you choose for hills is an important factor in mowing your lawn safely and sustainably over time. In addition, taking the time to learn about all of the important safety features on your machine and how to safely navigate your mower on slopes and around obstacles is critical in helping prevent accidents.

Choose the Right Mower for Hilly Terrain

Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn riding mowers are the #1 choice of landscape professionals because of their unmatched ability to quickly and safely maintain a wide variety of properties. That said, zero-turn riding mowers should not be used on slopes of greater than 15 degrees, or a 26.8 percent grade. (Learn more about calculating slope and grade at Maintain hills or surfaces with slopes of more than 15 degrees with a walk-behind mower or hand trimmer.

Mower safety -- mowing at the water's edge

A walk-behind mower is a better choice than any riding mower for cutting grass near drop-offs or retaining walls, or at the edge of ponds.

While it may be tempting to mow close to the edge of water or retaining walls with your zero-turn mower, doing so can result in significant injury or death if the machine were to roll over. It’s better to keep a safe distance from these hazards, and come back with a walk-behind mower to trim near the edge.

Please take a moment to watch these “Driving in the Safety Zone” videos, which Exmark produced to help you identify safety hazards and how to safely operate your Lazer Z in hilly or uneven terrain, or around walls, water and other lawn hazards:

Exmark Lazer Z Introduction and General Safety

Exmark Lazer Z Safe Mowing of Slopes and Rollover Protection

Exmark Lazer Z Controls and Operation:

View more safety and operator training videos on the Exmark YouTube channel.

Other Considerations

  • Use Protection: the rollover protection system (ROPS) on commercial mowing equipment should always be deployed in the full upright position during operation — along with the lap belt securely fastened low and tight around the operator’s waist. Failure to do either of these steps increases the risk of injury or death to the operator in a rollover situation.
  • Proper rollover protection use

    Always deploy the rollover protection system (ROPS) in the full-up position during operation (as shown). Never operate the mower with the ROPS down or partially-deployed.

    Moisture: avoid mowing hilly terrain when grass is wet from rain or dew. Not only is mowing wet grass sub-optimal for the turf itself, the reduced traction on wet grass increases the chances of your mower sliding on uneven terrain. Instead, wait until later in the day when the sun has burned the moisture off.

  • Unstable ground: survey the property and identify any ponds, drop-offs (pay particular attention to fence lines) and retaining walls to ensure the stability of the ground being mowed.

By taking a little time to understand the slope and terrain of your property, you can choose the right mower to maintain every inch of your lawn safely.

Learn more about safe mowing at

Rear Discharge vs. Side Discharge: Why Choose a Rear Discharge Mower?

Sunday, August 16th, 2015
Exmark Lazer Z Rear-Discharge

A rear-discharge mower offers numerous advantages, not the least of which is the ability to trim on both sides of the deck.

An increasing number of Exmark mowers are now available with our UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck. And as our customers learn more about the advantages of a rear-discharge mower, they’re choosing the option more and more.

Today we’ll talk through the reasons somebody would choose rear-discharge riding mowers over the more common side-discharge mowers, and what cutting conditions rear-discharge commercial mowers excel in.

Reason 1: increased clipping control

Rear-discharge decks send clippings out behind the deck, under the mower, instead of through a side-discharge chute. The operator stays cleaner and clippings are distributed uniformly over a wider area. Rear-discharge decks also reduce the potential for debris or foreign objects to be discharged at dangerous velocity, making them a popular option with municipalities as well as parks and recreation departments.

Reason 2: increased cutting efficiency

With one counter-rotating blade, the UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck offers increased cut quality and even clipping distribution.

With one counter-rotating blade, the UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck offers increased cut quality and even clipping distribution.

The UltraCut Rear Discharge deck reduces clipping over-processing using a counter-rotating blade design and patented Flow Control baffles. Because clippings are cut once and discharged, a rear-discharge deck uses less horsepower than an equivalent side-discharge deck, which must pass clippings from blade-to-blade to be discharged. As a result, rear-discharge is a great choice for cutting taller grasses and in rougher cutting conditions, so they are an appealing choice for use on farms or acreages.

Reason 3: ability to trim on both sides of the deck

Whether you’re a landscape professional looking to maximize productivity, or an acreage owner looking for maximum versatility, the ability to trim on both sides of the cutting deck is a big advantage for a rear-discharge mower. No longer must you plan your entire mowing pattern based on the location of landscaping. Now, you simply take the most efficient route and get the job done faster.

Reason 4: reduced noise

Exmark rear-discharge

The decreased noise and increased clipping control of a rear-discharge mower are ideal for maintaining residential properties.

Discharging clippings behind the deck, under the mower, dramatically reduces the noise level of the deck for both the operator and for bystanders.

For those looking for additional noise reductions as well as an increased quality of cut for the most highly manicured appearance, Exmark offers its Finish Cut baffle kit for the UltraCut Rear Discharge deck. It’s perhaps the ultimate combination of cut quality, productivity and clipping control.

Bagging is perhaps the one challenge that the UltraCut Rear Discharge deck doesn’t tackle. That said, our Navigator – a dedicated bagging machine – uses a rear-discharge deck, so if you’re committed to bagging and like the benefits of rear-discharge, it just may be the rear-discharge commercial mower you’re looking for.

The UltraCut Rear Discharge deck is available on select Pioneer and Lazer Z rear discharge mower models. Visit to learn more about Exmark’s entire line of UltraCut decks.

Go Pro With A New Exmark Commercial Mower and Save

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Exmark Go Pro Spring Sales Event logo

Get a $500 rebate on any Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or Lazer Z E-Series mower in April and May.

Get a $500 rebate on any Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or Lazer Z E-Series mower in April and May.

Now is a great time to go pro with a new Exmark commercial mower, during the Go Pro Spring Sales Event. For a limited time, receive instant rebates and free seat upgrades on our most popular zero-turn models.

Purchase an Exmark Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or a Lazer Z E-Series mower between April 1 and May 31, 2015 and receive a $500 instant rebate. In addition, Pioneer S-Series and Lazer Z E-Series

Take comfort to 11 with a free upgrade to Exmark's best seating system on Lazer Z E-Series and Pioneer S-Series models, for a limited time.

Take comfort to 11 with a free upgrade to Exmark’s best seating system on Lazer Z E-Series and Pioneer S-Series models, for a limited time.

machines will receive a full-suspension seat upgrade — a $300 retail value — at no charge. It’s the same seat found on Exmark’s top-of-the-line Lazer Z X-Series machine.

Don’t hesitate — the grass is growing now. Get your weekends back when you go pro with a new Exmark commercial mower. Visit your local Exmark dealer or to learn which model is right for you.