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New Product Showcase: Quest E-Series and S-Series

Sunday, March 27th, 2016
Series 2 cutting deck

The Exmark Series 2 fabricated cutting deck delivers increased strength, stiffness and durability compared to stamped deck designs.

Exmark has upgraded the cutting decks available on the 2016 Quest E-Series zero-turn riding mower. Customers can choose from 42- or 50-inch Series 2 welded, fabricated cutting decks, in addition to the 42-inch Series 1 cutting deck that was standard in 2015.

“We’re always looking for ways to increase the performance and value of our mowers,” said Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters. “We want even our most affordable model to offer commercial features such as a fabricated deck.

Exmark Engines

The Exmark engines that power Quest mowers are designed to be strong-running, durable and easy to service.

“Look at the mowers the pros are using, and they’re all running welded, fabricated decks. It’s because they’re stronger, stiffer and more durable long-term.” In addition to welded, fabricated construction, the Series 2 cutting decks feature durable, zero-maintenance sealed spindles designed to deliver a lifetime of reliable performance. The single-point height adjustment system makes cutting height easy to set or adjust, and the full-floating deck design ensures scalp-free mowing.

The Quest E-Series mowers feature Exmark power – the 708cc twin-cylinder engine on 50-inch models, and the 452cc single-cylinder powerplant on 42-inch machines. Designed from the ground up as zero-turn mower engines, both engines offer responsive, reliable power, with quicker governor response to deliver more power precisely when it’s needed.

Enhanced safety is provided by an automatic braking system, which applies the parking brake automatically whenever the controls are positioned outward. The standard 18-inch extra-tall back seat features suspension for a smoother ride.

Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer

The Quest S-Series is available with a choice of a steering wheel (shown), or traditional twin-stick controls.

In addition to the Quest E-Series, Exmark offers the Quest S-Series mower in 34-, 42-, and 50-inch models. The Quest S-Series features a number of drive system upgrades, as well as an upgraded 18-inch Deluxe seat with a bolstered design and suspension system for increased operator comfort. Available with a choice of traditional stick-based controls, or in a steering wheel-equipped Front Steer model, the Exmark Quest S-Series delivers more professional grade features in a residential riding mower.

Learn more about Exmark’s 2016 family of Quest zero-turn riding mowers, or locate your local Exmark dealer at

The Lazer Z Seating System: A More Comfortable Ride

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Riding mowers are a time-saving wonder, but your backside should pay the price for productivity. That’s why at Exmark, we’ve come up with a way to mow more comfortably. With some original thinking and a whole lot of innovation, we’ve designed a seat every backside can love. We call it the Lazer Z Seating System.

Lazer Z Seating System

The Lazer Z Seating System significantly reduces the effect of bumps and vibration on the operator.

What Is the Lazer Z Seating System?

Most riding mower seats follow the same old pattern: some padding and a couple of springs that may or may not be useful. After a few hours of riding, you may find the mower’s vibration making you stiff while all the jarring impacts can leave you sore. That’s no way to run a landscaping business, whether you maintain one property or several.

Why Is It Different?

This seating system is different in a number of ways. It’s a unique design that utilizes research, science, and engineering innovation.

The system includes 4 major elements that make all the difference:

  • Ball-bearing suspension with a 3-inch range of controlled vertical travel – delivers a better ride with less bouncing
  • Patented Iso-Mount isolation system with ½-inch vertical and ¾-inch lateral travel
  • Custom vinyl seat with plush foam – comfort starts where the operator meets the seat
  • Vibration control stretch fabric – sits below the seat foam for an additional layer of isolation from vibration and bumps

Together, this comprehensive approach delivers less vibration, less bouncing, and more long-term comfort.

If professionals with desk jobs get ergonomic chairs, so should you. It’s that simple. A mower seat needs to support your back, legs, and arms in a way that keeps you comfortable and doesn’t lead to chronic problems.

The end result is reduced vibration, less soreness, and less stiffness after a long day of mowing. And when you’re comfortable, you get more done. Not only will you feel better after a day’s work, but you’ll also be able to deliver your services day after day. Test the difference for yourself between a traditional riding mower and an Exmark mower with the Lazer Z Seating System. We’re confident you’ll love it.

Learn more at

Go Pro With A New Exmark Commercial Mower and Save

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Exmark Go Pro Spring Sales Event logo

Get a $500 rebate on any Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or Lazer Z E-Series mower in April and May.

Get a $500 rebate on any Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or Lazer Z E-Series mower in April and May.

Now is a great time to go pro with a new Exmark commercial mower, during the Go Pro Spring Sales Event. For a limited time, receive instant rebates and free seat upgrades on our most popular zero-turn models.

Purchase an Exmark Pioneer E-Series or S-Series, or a Lazer Z E-Series mower between April 1 and May 31, 2015 and receive a $500 instant rebate. In addition, Pioneer S-Series and Lazer Z E-Series

Take comfort to 11 with a free upgrade to Exmark's best seating system on Lazer Z E-Series and Pioneer S-Series models, for a limited time.

Take comfort to 11 with a free upgrade to Exmark’s best seating system on Lazer Z E-Series and Pioneer S-Series models, for a limited time.

machines will receive a full-suspension seat upgrade — a $300 retail value — at no charge. It’s the same seat found on Exmark’s top-of-the-line Lazer Z X-Series machine.

Don’t hesitate — the grass is growing now. Get your weekends back when you go pro with a new Exmark commercial mower. Visit your local Exmark dealer or to learn which model is right for you.