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Is Leasing Right for You?

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

LeasingGraphic_Exmark_jpgWhen it comes time to invest in new iron, there are more financing options than ever. You might think the low interest rates available today make a traditional bank loan seem like the obvious choice, but dig a little deeper and the best choice may surprise you.

Leasing is a popular financing option for the mowers landscape professionals use every day. Exmark offers 24- and 36-month lease options on new equipment, with flexible terms based on the number of hours you expect to use the machine(s) annually. Your business will benefit from the productivity and performance of the latest equipment with lower lease payments than even “zero percent” loan financing on like terms.

Other benefits of leasing include:

  • Budget certainty — Leasing offers a fixed monthly operating expense, with fewer unexpected charges since leased equipment is under warranty.*
  • Fleet flexibility — Change or update your equipment mix every 24 months to best suit the needs of your growing and evolving business.
  • Off balance sheet accounting — May qualify for off-balance sheet accounting; free credit lines for other purposes.**

Learn more about the leasing programs Exmark offers at

* Subject to warranty hour limitations.
** Please consult your accounting advisor as to potential accounting implications.

New Rebates Financing Options from Exmark…

Monday, March 10th, 2014

If you’re thinking about new equipment but have been waiting for just the right time, take a look at the new rebates and financing options Exmark is offering for a limited time. The offers can make it easier than ever to put that new Exmark mower you’ve been looking at into your garage.

Rebates Make Owning the Best Easier

Exmark is offering a $1,000 instant rebate off suggested commercial sale price on 2014 Navigator riders. Now you can own the world’s best dedicated bagging rider at a steal of a price!

A $1,000 instant rebate makes owning an Exmark Navigator even easier.

A $1,000 instant rebate makes owning an Exmark Navigator even easier.

In addition to rebates on the Navigator, Exmark is giving buyers of 2014 Vantage X-Series and Vantage S-Series stand-on mowers a $500 instant rebate off suggested commercial sale price. Mow with the best for less, but only for a limited time, so hurry!

Both rebates are available on new purchases from March 1, 2014 through May 31, 2014. Visit the Exmark Current Offers web page for important rebate details, then get in to your local Exmark dealer for a demo. It’s time to mow!

Zero- and Low-Interest Financing Programs

The first offer is 0% monthly interest on purchases of $400 or more, for up-to 42 months. Two programs are available, depending on whether you’re looking for a revolving- or installment-type program, so please visit the web page to learn more.

If you’re looking for the absolute lowest payment, this next program is for you. Take up to 60-months to pay with just 3.99% interest. There’s no penalty for early repayment. You can pay in installments, or in full, when you choose.

Here’s Exmark Financial Services Manager, David Adams talking about the new programs on YouTube:

Visit the Exmark Current Offers web page for complete details or all current rebate and financing options.

Incredible Special Financing from Exmark.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

If you know us, you know that we’re always trying to give our customers the very best equipment. We even have competitive finance offers that make it easy to get your hands on the equipment lawn pros prefer. But we’ve outdone ourselves on this one. Right now, we’re offering 48-month interest-free financing for well qualified buyers on all new Exmark equipment. Yes, you read it right, all Exmark equipment. This is the first time you’ll be able to get a no interest loan AND monthly payments this low (just over $100/month when financing $5000 of equipment). You don’t have to pick one or the other. You can also pay off your loan anytime you want. How’s that for flexibility? This special offer is only available for a limited time through Sheffield Financial subject to dealer participation.

We also have other great offers going on during our May Days event May 10 – 19 like instant rebate offers on all Turf Management equipment, EFI’s, Vantage, Commercial 21, Navigator and Quest. Of course, these offers are available for a limited time. For a full list of our financing programs and rebate offers, visit the “Current Promotions” section of or head to your local dealer.

All finance programs are subject to credit approval of our finance partners. Exmark presents only those retail finance programs that are available on a national basis. Exmark dealers may offer additional sources of financing on a regional basis. If you have questions in regards to current programs, pending application or existing account with G.E. Retail Sales or Sheffield Finance Corporation please contact the Exmark finance partner directly.

Do you have questions about this offer or financing options? Let us know with a comment below.

Exmark Retail Financing 0% for 48 Months

How-to Buy Your Next Exmark Mower

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Here’s a post for the Exmark newbies.  As you prepare to purchase your next mower in 2011, we want you to be informed and prepared. So we’ve put together a short guide to help you pick out the right Exmark mower for the job. You’ll want to meet with your local Exmark dealer as well, but this will at least get you headed in the right direction.


The first thing you want to keep in mind, when purchasing your new Exmark, is your budget. You need the most dependable and durable mower that you can afford. Exmark has many mowers to suit any budget or mowing needs. Interested in learning how you can finance your next Exmark retail mower? David Adams, Exmark Financial Services Manager, explains the process in our latest YouTube video.

Mowing properties

The next thing you’ll want to consider, is what kind of properties you’ll be mowing. Smaller residential lawns require smaller mowers like the new 36″ Vantage or Commercial 21, but for larger commercial properties you’ll want to go with a zero-turn mower like the Lazer Z.

For properties under a 1/2 acre we’d recommend:

  • Vantage
  • Commercial 21
  • Metro
  • Viking
  • Turf Tracer

For properties above a 1/2 acre, we’d recommend:

  • Quest
  • Pioneer
  • Navigator
  • Lazer Z

Mower Engine and Features

After you’ve considered your budget, lawn size and terrain, you’ll want to look at your next Exmark mower for the engine and features offered. All Exmark models come with a variety of engine types and configurations (including eco-friendly models) and mower accessories (like mulching and striping kits). Still not sure what you’d like?  You can check out the “Not Sure What to Buy” section of or the Compare Mowers section here.

Need any additional help? Have specific questions about a mower your considering for 2011?  Let us know in a comment below.