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Exmark Advantage: Enhanced Control System (ECS)

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Enhanced Control System ECS

One feature that sets Exmark commercial-grade walk-behind and stand-on mowers apart from the pack is our patented Enhanced Control System (ECS). ECS makes mower control easier, more ergonomic and ultimately, more sustainable day after day.

Exmark ECS controls

ECS places the controls at the operator’s fingertips for maximum ease of use.

The comfort of the operator’s hands might not be the first thing you think of when you think of commercial mowers. But we couldn’t forget about the hands, because in this case, they do just as much work as the operator’s legs and feet. And from an ergonomic standpoint, traditional control layouts leave a lot to be desired.

ECS in-use

Visit your local Exmark dealer to experience the advantages of ECS for yourself.

Our ECS-equipped walk-behind and stand-on mowers place the control handles in the location and angle your hands naturally fall. This also helps protect hands from hitting objects that stick out. The shorter grip distance and drive levers relieve fatigue while the cushioned handles reduce vibration. It’s total comfort for hard-working hands.

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Lawn Tractor Zero Turn Comparison: Other Considerations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Quality of Cut: A professional’s calling card

Exmark Pioneer E-Series zero-turn riding mower

An Exmark zero-turn mower makes it easy to achieve a professionally maintained appearance.

Landscape professionals earn their living delivering a consistently superior cut quality for their customers. That’s why Exmark has worked hard to engineer the best cutting decks on the market.

The patented flow-control baffles and exclusive blade designs featured on Exmark cutting systems deliver an unmatched quality of cut that’s optimized for the increased cutting speeds Exmark ZTRs are capable of achieving. When it comes to quickly making tall grass short, with a beautiful finished appearance, no lawn tractor can match an Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn mower. That’s one reason landscape pros choose it two-to-one over the next leading competitor.

Durability: The definition of commercial-grade

One thing we’ve learned in our more than 30 years of building mowers for landscape professionals is that stamped steel decks just don’t cut it when it comes to the demands of mowing sun up to sun down. That’s why every zero-turn mower we build comes standard with a heavy-duty fabricated steel cutting deck. Each of the lawn tractors in this comparison feature stamped steel cutting decks.

Exmark UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck

Exmark UltraCut cutting decks use high-strength steel that’s fabricated and welded for unmatched durability.

Fabricated decks are stiffer, stronger and more durable than stamped decks, even reinforced models. And with features like no-maintenance sealed bearing spindles and hex-style blade drivers, the Exmark durability advantage extends to the components as well as the cutting deck itself.

Exmark zero-turn mowers feature state-of-the-art powerplants with gasoline, diesel and propane fuel options. With commercial-duty features such as multi-stage canister-style air filters, pressurized lubrication, oil coolers and cast iron cylinder liners, the engines powering Exmark zero-turn mowers are as cutting edge as the mowers they power.

Our exclusive unitized hydro-drive components and welded, heavy-duty tubular steel unibody frames are two more features that help Exmark mowers deliver the durability landscape professionals need to stay productive and profitable season after season.

Bottom Line: Choose the tools the pros use

When comparing lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers head-to-head, it’s clear zero-turn mowers offer the most compelling combination of productivity, maneuverability and quality of cut available today. And while innovations such as four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive have helped to increase the productivity of high-end lawn tractors compared to earlier models, at every price level examined, Exmark zero-turn mowers are clearly more productive machines.

When it comes to durability, Exmark scores big with true commercial-duty frames, cutting decks, drive systems and engines designed to stand the test of time.

Bottom line: an Exmark zero-turn riding mower very well could be the last mower you need to buy.

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Is Leasing Right for You?

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

LeasingGraphic_Exmark_jpgWhen it comes time to invest in new iron, there are more financing options than ever. You might think the low interest rates available today make a traditional bank loan seem like the obvious choice, but dig a little deeper and the best choice may surprise you.

Leasing is a popular financing option for the mowers landscape professionals use every day. Exmark offers 24- and 36-month lease options on new equipment, with flexible terms based on the number of hours you expect to use the machine(s) annually. Your business will benefit from the productivity and performance of the latest equipment with lower lease payments than even “zero percent” loan financing on like terms.

Other benefits of leasing include:

  • Budget certainty — Leasing offers a fixed monthly operating expense, with fewer unexpected charges since leased equipment is under warranty.*
  • Fleet flexibility — Change or update your equipment mix every 24 months to best suit the needs of your growing and evolving business.
  • Off balance sheet accounting — May qualify for off-balance sheet accounting; free credit lines for other purposes.**

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* Subject to warranty hour limitations.
** Please consult your accounting advisor as to potential accounting implications.