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Is Leasing Right for You?

Sunday, December 20th, 2015

LeasingGraphic_Exmark_jpgWhen it comes time to invest in new iron, there are more financing options than ever. You might think the low interest rates available today make a traditional bank loan seem like the obvious choice, but dig a little deeper and the best choice may surprise you.

Leasing is a popular financing option for the mowers landscape professionals use every day. Exmark offers 24- and 36-month lease options on new equipment, with flexible terms based on the number of hours you expect to use the machine(s) annually. Your business will benefit from the productivity and performance of the latest equipment with lower lease payments than even “zero percent” loan financing on like terms.

Other benefits of leasing include:

  • Budget certainty — Leasing offers a fixed monthly operating expense, with fewer unexpected charges since leased equipment is under warranty.*
  • Fleet flexibility — Change or update your equipment mix every 24 months to best suit the needs of your growing and evolving business.
  • Off balance sheet accounting — May qualify for off-balance sheet accounting; free credit lines for other purposes.**

Learn more about the leasing programs Exmark offers at

* Subject to warranty hour limitations.
** Please consult your accounting advisor as to potential accounting implications.