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Exmark’s Suspended Operator Platform

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

For professionals, who can spend six plus hours a day mowing, an additional demand on equipment is that it can safeguard their comfort. Exmark’s suspension platform mower does just that, combining ergonomics and technology for superior operator comfort.

A lot goes into our suspension platform.

  • Floating Platform: By suspending the seat using hydraulic dampers, mowers that offer suspension platform seating provide a “floating” sensation. Coils absorb most of the shock, so you don’t feel every bump and jolt, greatly reducing impact. Exmark’s suspension platform seating also controls side-to-side movements of the seat (not just the up-and-down ones) for greater comfort.
  • Adjustable Shocks: When you spend a lot of time with a mower, you get to know its quirks and settings pretty easily. Adjustable shocks allow you to determine just how much suspension you need. For greater control, you might want to opt for less absorption; when you have a lot of bumpy ground to cover, you may want more. This ability to adjust also means you can adapt the machine to your height and weight.
  • Luxury Comfort: All of the technology in the world won’t help if the seat isn’t comfortable to begin with. That’s why the deluxe, luxury comfort of a suspension seat is important. Look for plush padding, vibration control fabric, and lower back support to ensure that you’re comfortable no matter how hard the mower is working.

By investing in riding mowers and lawn equipment that take comfort seriously, you are investing in the future of your company. Operators may experience less fatigue, and you may find other benefits, like reduced insurance costs and happier employees. You could also find that your crew is able to accomplish more when they have access to equipment that takes their physical well-being into account.

The suspension platform seating options offered on select Lazer Z mowers offer a lot more than a comfy ride. They allow you to step your lawn care game up to the next level. You could see better results from the ground up.

Enhanced Control Systems

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

image-3When you purchase an Exmark walk-behind mower with our Enhanced Control System (ECS), you tap into the power of good design to solve problems. This unique, patented system is designed to enhance operator comfort and help relieve the fatigue that comes from long hours spent mowing.

Why ECS?

Walk-behind mowers are easy to operate and maneuver, and are a staple in many garages. They allow you to maneuver around tight corners and get a close-cut, highly professional finish in just a few short passes over the lawn. For smaller yards mowed once a week, traditional walk-behind mower controls are fine. But for professionals who mow for longer periods of time, day after day, these controls can be problematic.  In older models, the handles may be placed too high or too low, and your hands are kept in a position that feels unnatural. And after several hours, the vibrations can be fatiguing.

Exmark’s Enhanced Control System provides more comfortable handles and centralized controls that make it easy for you to operate the equipment. For starters, the ECS comes with two separate right and left handles that are placed at a slight upward angle. This allows your hands to rest in a neutral position that feels natural. In addition, the controls are accessible from these handles without requiring you to make lengthy adjustments. This is great when you want a more streamlined mowing experience with greater productivity overall.

Operator Comfort

There’s no denying that our professional-level Exmark mowers feature powerful engines that get the job done. There’s also no denying that these powerful engines cause greater vibrations and can contribute to fatigue and joint stress. That’s why we continue to re-design and improve our equipment with operator use in mind.

You might not think that an Enhanced Control System can make such a big difference in your day-to-day work, but if there’s one thing we know here at Exmark, it’s that attention to detail and improved construction mean everything. By giving you a more natural grip and reducing vibrations, you can work harder with less fatigue.

Rear Discharge Decks

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

There are times when you want to bag the mulch you mow, and there are times when discharging off to the side is preferable. There are also times when neither of these choices are ideal. For commercial mowers, certain locations come with side discharge difficulties. Medians, road sides, campgrounds, parking lots, cemeteries, and areas with heavy landscaping all require that you discharge to the rear or not at all.

Lazer Z X-Series

Exmark’s most powerful, productive mower, the Lazer Z X-Series, with the awesome UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck.

Mowers with rear discharge cutting decks also have the benefit of providing more efficient and sound-controlled mowing—two factors that play a big role when commercial mowing is your business. Everyone wants the perfect, well-manicured look of a freshly cut lawn, but few people want to be put out by lengthy mow times, and unsightly clumps.

The Exmark Solution

If you want controlled, uniform clipping distribution that both looks great and is healthy for turf, rear discharge decks are a great option.  With a full suite of rear discharge cutting deck options for our top-selling models, including select Radius and Lazer Z models, you can increase your productivity without sacrificing cut quality.

Rear discharge cutting decks provide distinct advantages to the modern landscaper, including:

  • Counter rotating blades for more efficient processing
  • Fuel savings of up to 20 percent
  • Uniform distribution in tight spaces
  • No overprocessing of clippings
  • Molded bumpers on both sides of the deck for easy maneuverability

These features are offered in addition to the standard high-power motors and quality construction you’ve come to expect from an Exmark mower.

Why Choose Rear Discharge Decks?

Controlled clipping discharge is ideal for populated or restricted areas, especially when used as part of a regular maintenance schedule. These mowers can also be used in rough-cut situations (like ditches), as each blade has more capacity and can handle larger jobs without damaging the equipment. And because the mower doesn’t overprocess the clippings, you can get faster results without putting too much strain on your team.

When used as part of a fleet of Exmark mowers, all of which are designed for commercial-quality cutting and seamless results, a rear discharge zero-turn mower is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you’ll own.

Get great looking results, high efficiency, and rely on the signature high-strength alloy steel and durable construction Exmark is known for. With a rear discharge deck, you can expand your services and get more done in a day.

UltraVac Accessories: Get More Out of Your Mower

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

If you own an Exmark mower, you already know what it’s like to get a clean, precise finish on every lawn you mow. Exmark has long been considered one of the leading providers of both commercial and residential mowing equipment, allowing you to invest in machinery that can stand up to all the rigors you demand.

There’s no reason why the benefits should stop at superior comfort, precision, and results.

The UltraVac Bagger Collection Series

UltraVac 3-Bag Collection System

When you prefer the crisp, clean look of a freshly-mowed lawn without mulch, the UltraVac system has everything you need to create that perfect finish.

There are times when you want to mulch a lawn, and there are times when the debris left behind from mowing is both an eyesore and a nuisance. Many homeowners and businesses prefer the crisp, clean look of a freshly-mowed lawn without mulch, especially in the fall when debris and leaves can cause heavier than normal amounts of residue.

The answer to this problem is the UltraVac system, which provides a bagging option you can turn on and off with the switch of a button. Designed for both heavy commercial use and private residential mowing, this series has everything you need to create that perfect finish.

UltraVac Options

For our smaller zero-turn riding mowers, you can opt for the non-powered collection system, which offers twin bags that hold up to six bushels of clippings. Because this is designed mostly for personal use, you won’t find any complicated bearings or impellers that need to be replaced.

We offer both the UltraVac collection system and the UltraVac QDS collection system. Accessories in these series include features like:

  • Rear-discharge hoppers
  • Commercial-grade cloth bags with reinforced bottoms and capacity of up to eight bushels
  • Commercial-grade impeller turbo system, which chops the debris with five abrasion-resistant blades and sealed bearings
  • Easy hopper removal to transition between mulching/bagging and reduce the amount of dust/debris

Because these features are customizable to your equipment and your needs, you can handle different jobs easily. The UltraVac system is also easy to remove for transport and for use across different mowers.

Why Make the Exmark Choice?

When you want the industry standard in durability, great construction, high performance, and seamless results, Exmark mower accessories provide the answer. Achieve a perfect lawn without the mess—and do it with equipment that will continue to work as hard as you do.

When to Lease and When to Buy Lawn Care Equipment

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Rotating and maintaining your mowers is an essential part of all good lawn care companies. Any piece of equipment that gets regular use is going to experience wear and tear—and when that equipment literally is your business, it’s important to stay on top of repairs and the latest mower upgrades.

As an Exmark mower user, you already know that we offer a full suite of commercial mowers. However, you don’t have to purchase these mowers in order to include them in your personal fleet. Depending on your situation, you may find that it’s better to lease than to buy.

Here’s how you can tell what’s right for you.

Leasing Lawn Care Equipment

Is Leasing Right For You

Depending on your situation, you may find that it’s better to lease than to buy.

When cash flow is a factor, leasing might be the best option for your business. Because you make regular monthly payments instead of paying in full for the equipment, you don’t have to tap into your capital or take out a loan in order to access the best-quality lawn care equipment you can.

This is especially true if you’d like to access the newest and latest in lawn care technology. When you purchase a mower, you’re typically tied to that equipment for several years in order to make the most of your investment. With a lease, you may be able to trade in and upgrade to newer models.

Because leased equipment is traded in and upgraded regularly, it tends to stay under warranty until you’re ready to move on. Not only does this mean there’s rarely a chance for the equipment to become so worn down it stops being effective, but the added benefit of manufacturer warranties means you don’t have to worry about spending huge amounts of money on repairs.

Buying Lawn Care Equipment

Of course, even with these benefits, leasing isn’t for everyone. When you lease a piece of equipment, it becomes a tool you use rather than an asset to your business—something that can make a big difference when you’re a small company or just starting out. A mower you purchase can not only be used every day, but it can also be sold off when you’re done with it.

Lawn care equipment you own is also yours to do with what you wish. Upgrades, repairs, maintenance… all those things that are part of your daily business can be accomplished without going through the manufacturer or taking lease agreements into account.

With fleet programs, you may be able to save on purchases of more than one machine. There may also be tax benefits to owning your equipment rather than leasing, so it’s important to talk to your financial department or accountant before you make a decision.

Here at Exmark, we want you to feel good about the equipment you use every day. We make the mowers Landscape Pros purchase 2 to 1 over the next best-selling brand — it’s up to you to decide how you want to access them. Learn more about Exmark’s Lease Program on the Special Offers page.

The Advantages of Stand-on Mowers for Lawn Care Businesses

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

All the landscape training and experience in the world won’t matter if you don’t equip your team with the right tools for the job. Lawn grades, landscaping, and other factors you can’t control will always have an impact on your job, which is why you need the equipment necessary to handle each challenge that comes your way. Not only is it safer to match the right mower to the project, but choosing the best equipment can also be more cost-effective overall.Vantage X-Series stand-on mower

Depending on the type of business you run and the volume of clients you serve, a stand-on mower could be the best investment in your future. Here are the main considerations:

Property Size: The number one factor in determining which type of lawn mower to invest in is the size of the property (or properties) you tend. If you serve lots that are more than an acre in size, a push mower will take hours to get the job done. For lots that are half an acre or smaller, a riding mower will lose its precision. That’s why people who tend variable-sized lots often go for stand-on mowers. They get the job done faster than push mowers but also allow for precision in those hard-to-reach areas.

Property Type: Wide, open spaces are often best served by a riding mower, but when you’re working with tight spaces, small lawns, a lot of landscaping features, like shrubs and irregular plantings, a stand-on mower provides better maneuverability.

Transportation Needs: Traveling with one (or more) riding mowers can be a logistical nightmare, especially if space on your trailer is limited. Stand-on mowers are smaller and easier to transport, making them ideal when you don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to get from one client’s property to another’s.

Less Turf Damage: Although zero-turn mowers have come a long way in detailed turf care, many pros prefer stand-on mowers for their precision. When a picture perfect finish is your goal, you may want to downgrade the technology for more user control.

Visibility and User Control: If you ask your team, you might find that they have a preference for stand-on mowers because it gives them more control over their work. Not only does a standing position offer better visibility, but the ability to quickly hop on and off can be instrumental when working around a large number of obstructions.

Safety: Although there is always a possibility of falling off of a stand-on mower, many businesses prefer them over riding mowers for safety reasons. This is especially true if you’ll be working with steep or slippery grades that aren’t ideal for riding mowers.

Steep Lawn Grades: Most stand-on mowers have greater hillside stability than their riding mower counterparts. Not only do stand-on mowers have a lower center of gravity, but users can shift their weight in order to counteract a slope’s incline.

Price: Money is a consideration for any lawn care business that wants to stay in the green. Stand-on mowers tend to be 10 to 20 percent less expensive than riding mowers, which can make a big difference to your bottom line—especially if you run a fleet of lawn care specialists.

While stand-on mowers can provide greater flexibility, you should remember that they typically require greater strength in the legs and back, and they tend to be slower than riding mowers. If stand-on mowers fit your business model – mainly small to mid-sized properties, hills, or yards with a lot of features — an Exmark Vantage stand-on mower offers industry-leading options in a variety of deck-sizes.

Farm Journal Magazine to Give Away Exmark Utility Vehicle

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

You could be the lucky winner of a new top-of-the-line Exmark 700S utility vehicle!

We’ve teamed up with Farm Journal magazine to give a brand new Exmark 700S Utility Vehicle away to one lucky winner.

To enter, visit and complete the official registration form.

You can also enter the drawing by mailing a postcard addressed to:

Farm Journal Media
Attn: Win an Exmark 700S Utility Vehicle Sweepstakes
10600 W. Higgins Road
Suite 610
Rosemont, IL  60018

The sweepstakes begins March 16, 2015, and entries will be accepted through April 30, 2015. View official contest rules and conditions at

A Look at Exmark’s Innovative Turf Tracer EFI-Propane Walk-Behinds

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

New hydro-drive walk-behind models deliver increased fuel economy, reduced cost of operation

Exmark has introduced two new EFI-propane wide-area walk-behind models. The new models use groundbreaking EFI-propane Kohler V-twin powerplants on the proven Turf Tracer S-Series and Turf Tracer X-Series walk behind models to deliver significantly reduced cost of operation.

Both Turf Tracer EFI-propane models feature the ground breaking Kohler PCV680 engine.

Both Turf Tracer EFI-propane models feature the ground breaking Kohler PCV680 engine. It delivers significantly increased fuel efficiency and performance without compromises. (Image: Kohler Engines)

The new Turf Tracer models utilize new EFI propane Kohler powerplants with an automotive-style closed-loop Electronic Fuel Injection system. Capable of precisely adjusting fuel mixture settings in real-time, the closed-loop EFI delivers improved running and performance, combined with easy, no-choke starting. The increased efficiency of the propane EFI system also increases fuel economy by up to 40 percent.

Both Turf Tracer models include Exmark’s patented Enhanced Control System, which delivers increased operator comfort and productivity with improved mower control ergonomics. In a recent evaluation of the ECS controls versus competitive control systems, University of Nebraska researchers learned that landscape professionals overwhelmingly preferred ECS to all other systems.

Exmark’s premier Turf Tracer X-Series model features the EFI-propane Kohler PCV680 air-cooled V-twin powerplant. With standard heavy-duty canister filtration and turn-key, choke-free electric starting, the Kohler powerplant helps the Turf Tracer X-Series deliver maximum productivity and reliability, along with superior long-term durability. A large-capacity electromagnetic clutch provides smooth engagement and extra-long life.

The EFI-Propane Turf Tracer S-Series features Kohler's ground breaking PCV680 engine.

The EFI-Propane Turf Tracer S-Series is available with a 48-inch UltraCut Series 3 full-floating cutting deck.

The Turf Tracer X-Series is well prepared to easily tackle the toughest jobs and most demanding conditions with a full-floating Exmark UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck. Available in 52- and 60-inch cutting widths, the deck features Exmark’s patented flow-control baffles and is formed from high-strength alloy steel with welded construction. Large-diameter sealed cutter housings with greaseless spindles eliminate maintenance and significantly increase lifespan.

The Turf Tracer S-Series EFI-propane features the Kohler PCV680 EFI propane engine and a 48-inch UltraCut Series 3 cutting deck. The floating deck design virtually eliminates scalping, while an electromagnetic clutch, flat-free semi-pneumatic caster tires and sealed, greaseless spindles provide the durability landscape professionals demand.

Learn more about the new EFI-propane Turf Tracer models, or locate your nearest Exmark dealer at, or call (402) 223-6300.

Exmark at GIE+EXPO 2013

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The 2013 Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) is in the books and by all accounts it was a great show. There was a consistently high level of booth traffic at Exmark’s indoor and outdoor booths, despite near-freezing temperatures during much of the show.

Exmark's "comfort" display included Exmark comfort and Air Ride seats configured as an office chair, love seat, and even a sofa! Image: K. Tauer/Exmark

Exmark's "comfort" display (at right in the photo) featured Exmark comfort and Air Ride seats configured as an office chair, love seat, and even a sofa! Images: K. Tauer/Exmark

Attendees came to see Exmark’s latest innovations, including RED Technology on the Lazer Z X-Series, the UltraCut rear-discharge cutting deck (now available on the Lazer Z S-Series), EFI-propane Lazer Z and Turf Tracer models, and new walk-behind aerators. Each new product innovation was developed to help landscape professionals do more using fewer resources, with increased profitability.

“Doing more with less” was an oft-heard theme during GIE+EXPO 2013, and it’s a goal Exmark has long been focused upon. Our exclusive RED technology is a great example, as it uses intelligent engine and powertrain management to deliver increased efficiency and fuel economy with no sacrifices to the performance of the machine. Learn more about RED Technology and how it contributes to increased efficiency and durability on RED-equipped Lazer Z X-Series models.

These barrels represent how much fuel (and money) a landscape professional can save running a RED-equipped Lazer Z X-Series mower. How much can you save, you may ask? If you run 600 hours, you'll save on average 550 gallons of fuel and have about $1,900 in your pocket!

These barrels represent how much fuel (and money) you can save running a RED-equipped Lazer Z X-Series mower. How much can I save, you may ask? If you run 600 hours in a year, you'll save on average 550 gallons of fuel and have about $1,900 in your pocket!

Exmark Helps the National Mall Go Green

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

In late June, Exmark’s Garry Busboom traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Exmark in a ceremony where six propane-fueled Exmark Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn mowers were donated to the National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA). The new alternative-fuel mowers, donated by the Propane Research & Education Council (PERC), replace NAMA’s fleet of diesel-powered mowers.


Not only will the new EFI-propane Lazer Z S-Series mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-percent per mower, they will also lower operating costs through increased fuel efficiency along with the lower cost of propane fuel. The deployment of the mowers has also contributed to NAMA’s ability to be added to the Green Parks Plan, a National Park Service initiative to implement sustainable practices, reduce dependence on foreign oil, mitigate effects of climate change and reduce energy consumption.

“I was proud to be a part of the National Mall ceremony on behalf of everyone at Exmark,” said Busboom, the company’s chief development engineer. “Seeing the EFI-propane Lazer Z mowers starting up for the first time on the Mall was truly awesome and it’s a great feeling to know our mowers are contributing to achievement of NAMA’s larger environmental and sustainability goals.”

The four 72-inch and two 60-inch Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn mowers will make up one-third of the mower fleet on the National Mall. The cost-savings and environmental benefits the groundskeepers at NAMA now enjoy are competitive advantages any landscape professional can enjoy with a similarly-equipped Lazer Z S-Series mower. The electronically fuel injected (EFI) Kohler Command Pro powerplant is the first of its kind to use automotive-style propane fuel injection to increase fuel efficiency by up-to 25-percent and allows Exmark to deliver the greenest, most fuel efficient mower, with the lowest operating cost of any mower on the market today.


Due to the fuel efficiency of the new EFI Kohler powerplant, the new Lazer Z S-Series needs just one 10.3-gallon propane tank, compared to most competitors’ two-tank systems. This not only significantly improves balance and handling but also allows the mower to be more compact. NAMA will use a propane cylinder exchange system from local supplier, Thompson Gas.

PERC’s donation of the six Exmark mowers is valued at approximately $70,000.

Learn more about the PERC donation and see recent media coverage: