UltraVac Accessories: Get More Out of Your Mower

 September 20, 2016

If you own an Exmark mower, you already know what it’s like to get a clean, precise finish on every lawn you mow. Exmark has long been considered one of the leading providers of both commercial and residential mowing equipment, allowing you to invest in machinery that can stand up to all the rigors you demand.

There’s no reason why the benefits should stop at superior comfort, precision, and results.

The UltraVac Bagger Collection Series

UltraVac 3-Bag Collection System

When you prefer the crisp, clean look of a freshly-mowed lawn without mulch, the UltraVac system has everything you need to create that perfect finish.

There are times when you want to mulch a lawn, and there are times when the debris left behind from mowing is both an eyesore and a nuisance. Many homeowners and businesses prefer the crisp, clean look of a freshly-mowed lawn without mulch, especially in the fall when debris and leaves can cause heavier than normal amounts of residue.

The answer to this problem is the UltraVac system, which provides a bagging option you can turn on and off with the switch of a button. Designed for both heavy commercial use and private residential mowing, this series has everything you need to create that perfect finish.

UltraVac Options

For our smaller zero-turn riding mowers, you can opt for the non-powered collection system, which offers twin bags that hold up to six bushels of clippings. Because this is designed mostly for personal use, you won’t find any complicated bearings or impellers that need to be replaced.

We offer both the UltraVac collection system and the UltraVac QDS collection system. Accessories in these series include features like:

  • Rear-discharge hoppers
  • Commercial-grade cloth bags with reinforced bottoms and capacity of up to eight bushels
  • Commercial-grade impeller turbo system, which chops the debris with five abrasion-resistant blades and sealed bearings
  • Easy hopper removal to transition between mulching/bagging and reduce the amount of dust/debris

Because these features are customizable to your equipment and your needs, you can handle different jobs easily. The UltraVac system is also easy to remove for transport and for use across different mowers.

Why Make the Exmark Choice?

When you want the industry standard in durability, great construction, high performance, and seamless results, Exmark mower accessories provide the answer. Achieve a perfect lawn without the mess—and do it with equipment that will continue to work as hard as you do.