Enhanced Control Systems

 November 3, 2016

image-3When you purchase an Exmark walk-behind mower with our Enhanced Control System (ECS), you tap into the power of good design to solve problems. This unique, patented system is designed to enhance operator comfort and help relieve the fatigue that comes from long hours spent mowing.

Why ECS?

Walk-behind mowers are easy to operate and maneuver, and are a staple in many garages. They allow you to maneuver around tight corners and get a close-cut, highly professional finish in just a few short passes over the lawn. For smaller yards mowed once a week, traditional walk-behind mower controls are fine. But for professionals who mow for longer periods of time, day after day, these controls can be problematic.  In older models, the handles may be placed too high or too low, and your hands are kept in a position that feels unnatural. And after several hours, the vibrations can be fatiguing.

Exmark’s Enhanced Control System provides more comfortable handles and centralized controls that make it easy for you to operate the equipment. For starters, the ECS comes with two separate right and left handles that are placed at a slight upward angle. This allows your hands to rest in a neutral position that feels natural. In addition, the controls are accessible from these handles without requiring you to make lengthy adjustments. This is great when you want a more streamlined mowing experience with greater productivity overall.

Operator Comfort

There’s no denying that our professional-level Exmark mowers feature powerful engines that get the job done. There’s also no denying that these powerful engines cause greater vibrations and can contribute to fatigue and joint stress. That’s why we continue to re-design and improve our equipment with operator use in mind.

You might not think that an Enhanced Control System can make such a big difference in your day-to-day work, but if there’s one thing we know here at Exmark, it’s that attention to detail and improved construction mean everything. By giving you a more natural grip and reducing vibrations, you can work harder with less fatigue.