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The Value of Propane Mowers in Today’s Economy

Sunday, March 20th, 2016
Exmark Lazer Z Propane

The reduced greenhouse gasses propane mowers produce isn’t just good for the environment, it’s a great marketing advantage.

Each day, a growing number of landscape professionals open their eyes to the potential of modern propane-fueled commercial mowers. Even as gasoline prices have come down in recent months, propane is still extremely price competitive and the environmental benefits of propane mowers are in-line with what the majority of landscape maintenance customers say they’re looking for in a landscape contractor (see first bullet point below).

Exmark’s white paper, Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane, has a number of compelling reasons you should consider propane mowers for your business. Following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary.

  • 2013 market research conducted by Lawn & Landscape magazine revealed that 63 percent of homeowners responsible for decisions related to some or all landscape contract services are influenced by a sense of environmental responsibility.
  • Propane-fueled commercial mowers and equipment produce significantly fewer greenhouse gasses (GHG) than those fueled by gasoline.
  • PERC, Kohler and Exmark partnered on development of the industry’s first EFI-propane engine for commercial mower applications. The engine is the industry’s first OEM-level EFI-propane engine, offering full commercial warranty and support. The EFI design increases fuel efficiency by up to 25 percent, and coupled with the typically lower cost of propane, reduces overall fuel costs by up to 40 percent compared to carbureted gasoline engines. Uptime is also improved since the EFI engine solves startability and performance issues frequently encountered with engines using aftermarket conversions.
  • Exmark introduced a Kohler EFI-propane powered version of its Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn riding mower as well as two Turf Tracer wide area walk behind models in 2013. The EFI-propane Vantage S-Series stand-on riding mower followed in 2015.
  • Propane is widely available nationwide and is used in an estimated 12.6 million U.S. households for heating, cooking and recreation. It is a fossil fuel derived from the refining of oil and natural gas. It is a very safe fuel for commercial mowers, with an ignition temperature that’s nearly double that of gasoline (900 deg. F vs. 495 deg. F). In addition, robust, sealed containers virtually eliminate the opportunity for fuel spillage.
  • The selection of a retailer and the negotiation of a seasonal contract are two important aspects of a switch to propane for landscape maintenance professionals to consider.
  • Exmark propane mowers deliver industry-leading performance, productivity and durability.
  • Incentives from PERC, as well as a number of state marketing associations can mitigate some or all of the increased up-front cost of propane mowers. Combined with the EFI-related fuel savings and the lower cost of propane, Exmark mowers powered by Kohler propane-EFI engines can save up-to $2/hour, or more depending on duty cycle and other factors. This allows pay back of the added investment in one to two seasons.
Click the image to download the complete Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper in Adobe PDF format.

Click to download the complete white paper.

Download the complete Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper in Adobe PDF format.

Learn more about Exmark’s complete line of EFI-propane commercial mowers at

See the average fuel prices in your area:


PERC Propane Mower Incentive Program Returns for Limited Time

Monday, October 19th, 2015

The Propane Education & Research Council is bringing back its popular Propane Mower Incentive Program for a limited time. Effective immediately, landscape contractors can apply to receive $1,000 toward the purchase of a new propane-powered mower and $500 toward a qualified conversion. The incentive will be available until program funds expire, so applicants are encouraged to act fast.

Exmark Vantage Propane Mower

For a limited time, PERC is offering $1,000 toward the purchase of any of Exmark’s industry-leading propane mowers.

“It’s officially the buying season for landscape contractors and, while many already know the value of propane mowers, a little assistance with the upfront costs associated with converting their equipment can prove to be the tipping point,” said Jeremy Wishart, PERC’s deputy director of business development. “Propane can give landscape contractors a lower total cost of operation and also reduce emissions compared with traditional fuels, so it’s exciting to be able to help offset some of those initial conversion costs for contractors wanting to take advantage of propane’s benefits.”

Since the Mower Incentive Program first began in 2012, well over 3,000 applications from landscape contractors have been received by PERC. Contractors can apply for the Propane Mower Incentive Program at

The Mower Incentive Program is just one of many tools that PERC offers contractors to help them save money with propane. PERC’s suite of cost-calculator tools is designed for use in the propane industry’s fastest-growing markets, including commercial landscape. The calculator tool, available at, estimates potential fuel savings and ROI for contractors using clean, American-made propane when compared with conventional fuels like gasoline and diesel.

Learn more about Exmark’s industry-leading line of propane commercial mowers at

Clean American Innovation: Exmark Manufacturing

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Click to go to view the Exmark video on the Clean American Innovation site.

The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) has released the latest video in its “Clean American Innovation” video series, which highlights America’s propane technology leaders. Exmark is proud to be featured in the video, as it recognizes the commitment we’ve made to our growing line of EFI propane commercial mowers.

Lazer Z S-Series Propane

The Lazer Z S-Series Propane leads the industry for propane mower performance and durability.

Exmark’s Lazer Z S-Series Propane was the industry’s first EFI propane commercial zero-turn mower in 2013, and it continues to deliver industry-leading performance, durability and cut quality today.

In 2014, Exmark introduced two new EFI propane Turf Tracer walk-behind models — the Turf Tracer X-Series Propane and the Turf Tracer S-Series Propane.

Exmark Vantage S-Series Propane

The new Vantage S-Series Propane brings EFI propane advantages to commercial stand-on riding mowers.

Recognizing the growing popularity of stand-on mowers among landscape professionals, as well as the need for a propane-powered option, in 2015 Exmark launched its Vantage S-Series Propane stand-on rider. It delivers the productivity benefits of a stand-on rider combined with the fuel  and cost efficiency benefits of propane and Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) in a progressive, operator-focused design.

Exmark’s propane mowers use state-of-the-art Kohler Command Pro EFI propane engines to deliver increased fuel efficiency for longer run times and decreased operating costs, with significantly improved starting and running performance compared to carbureted propane engines.

See the Clean American Innovation: Exmark Manufacturing video, and the other videos in the series, on the Clean American Innovation website, or learn more about Exmark’s industry-leading EFI propane products at

Exmark Helps the National Mall Go Green

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

In late June, Exmark’s Garry Busboom traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Exmark in a ceremony where six propane-fueled Exmark Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn mowers were donated to the National Mall and Memorial Parks (NAMA). The new alternative-fuel mowers, donated by the Propane Research & Education Council (PERC), replace NAMA’s fleet of diesel-powered mowers.


Not only will the new EFI-propane Lazer Z S-Series mowers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50-percent per mower, they will also lower operating costs through increased fuel efficiency along with the lower cost of propane fuel. The deployment of the mowers has also contributed to NAMA’s ability to be added to the Green Parks Plan, a National Park Service initiative to implement sustainable practices, reduce dependence on foreign oil, mitigate effects of climate change and reduce energy consumption.

“I was proud to be a part of the National Mall ceremony on behalf of everyone at Exmark,” said Busboom, the company’s chief development engineer. “Seeing the EFI-propane Lazer Z mowers starting up for the first time on the Mall was truly awesome and it’s a great feeling to know our mowers are contributing to achievement of NAMA’s larger environmental and sustainability goals.”

The four 72-inch and two 60-inch Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn mowers will make up one-third of the mower fleet on the National Mall. The cost-savings and environmental benefits the groundskeepers at NAMA now enjoy are competitive advantages any landscape professional can enjoy with a similarly-equipped Lazer Z S-Series mower. The electronically fuel injected (EFI) Kohler Command Pro powerplant is the first of its kind to use automotive-style propane fuel injection to increase fuel efficiency by up-to 25-percent and allows Exmark to deliver the greenest, most fuel efficient mower, with the lowest operating cost of any mower on the market today.


Due to the fuel efficiency of the new EFI Kohler powerplant, the new Lazer Z S-Series needs just one 10.3-gallon propane tank, compared to most competitors’ two-tank systems. This not only significantly improves balance and handling but also allows the mower to be more compact. NAMA will use a propane cylinder exchange system from local supplier, Thompson Gas.

PERC’s donation of the six Exmark mowers is valued at approximately $70,000.

Learn more about the PERC donation and see recent media coverage: