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Next-Generation Exmark RED Technology

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

RED Technology Onboard Intelligence was a game changer when Exmark released it, allowing key systems to communicate with each other for improved performance, durability and efficiency. Next-Generation RED Technology features a new LCD monitor screen mounted on the console, where operators can monitor vital mower functions, report on property and mowing statistics, and receive service reminders and troubleshooting information.

RED Technology delivers key benefits to commercial mowers. RED-equipped mowers can be more fuel efficient than comparable mowers without RED Technology. It works with Electronic Fuel Injection and E-Governor technologies to improve engine response despite changing terrain or thick patches. RED Technology delivers the right amount of power at the right time, keeping the engine’s RPM more consistent.

For 2018, Exmark is offering RED Technology in both gasoline and diesel mowers. Lazer Z mowers with RED Technology feature EFI-gasoline Kohler and Kawasaki engines; the diesel option is a state-of-the art Yanmar diesel engine.

The control module has been redesigned, with an LCD display screen with multi-function push buttons to select from the three defined operating modes and six customizable engine speed set points for the Low, Efficient and Max modes. RED Technology will provide operating and property statistics, and deliver on-screen notifications when engine or transmission oil changes are coming due. In addition to making fleet management easier, sticking to the mower’s maintenance schedule will help maximize mower uptime, profitability and productivity. Should an error code appear, it will be delivered in clear, easy to read text, rather than as an icon.

The clutch-saver on RED-equipped mowers momentarily reduces engine RPM when the clutch is engaged, to reduce stress and wear on engine components, and has the ability to engage the cutting deck on the fly. RED Technology monitors machine performance, placing the mower in “safe transport” mode when critical engine or system issues are detected. This allows the operator to return the mower to the truck without damaging it. As an added safety feature, RED will put the mower into auto-idle if the operator gets out of the seat.

Updated RED Technology is available on 2018 Lazer Z S-Series, Lazer Z X-Series, and Lazer Z Diesel mowers. Contact your local dealer to arrange a demonstration.

The Value of Propane Mowers in Today’s Economy

Sunday, March 20th, 2016
Exmark Lazer Z Propane

The reduced greenhouse gasses propane mowers produce isn’t just good for the environment, it’s a great marketing advantage.

Each day, a growing number of landscape professionals open their eyes to the potential of modern propane-fueled commercial mowers. Even as gasoline prices have come down in recent months, propane is still extremely price competitive and the environmental benefits of propane mowers are in-line with what the majority of landscape maintenance customers say they’re looking for in a landscape contractor (see first bullet point below).

Exmark’s white paper, Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane, has a number of compelling reasons you should consider propane mowers for your business. Following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary.

  • 2013 market research conducted by Lawn & Landscape magazine revealed that 63 percent of homeowners responsible for decisions related to some or all landscape contract services are influenced by a sense of environmental responsibility.
  • Propane-fueled commercial mowers and equipment produce significantly fewer greenhouse gasses (GHG) than those fueled by gasoline.
  • PERC, Kohler and Exmark partnered on development of the industry’s first EFI-propane engine for commercial mower applications. The engine is the industry’s first OEM-level EFI-propane engine, offering full commercial warranty and support. The EFI design increases fuel efficiency by up to 25 percent, and coupled with the typically lower cost of propane, reduces overall fuel costs by up to 40 percent compared to carbureted gasoline engines. Uptime is also improved since the EFI engine solves startability and performance issues frequently encountered with engines using aftermarket conversions.
  • Exmark introduced a Kohler EFI-propane powered version of its Lazer Z S-Series zero-turn riding mower as well as two Turf Tracer wide area walk behind models in 2013. The EFI-propane Vantage S-Series stand-on riding mower followed in 2015.
  • Propane is widely available nationwide and is used in an estimated 12.6 million U.S. households for heating, cooking and recreation. It is a fossil fuel derived from the refining of oil and natural gas. It is a very safe fuel for commercial mowers, with an ignition temperature that’s nearly double that of gasoline (900 deg. F vs. 495 deg. F). In addition, robust, sealed containers virtually eliminate the opportunity for fuel spillage.
  • The selection of a retailer and the negotiation of a seasonal contract are two important aspects of a switch to propane for landscape maintenance professionals to consider.
  • Exmark propane mowers deliver industry-leading performance, productivity and durability.
  • Incentives from PERC, as well as a number of state marketing associations can mitigate some or all of the increased up-front cost of propane mowers. Combined with the EFI-related fuel savings and the lower cost of propane, Exmark mowers powered by Kohler propane-EFI engines can save up-to $2/hour, or more depending on duty cycle and other factors. This allows pay back of the added investment in one to two seasons.
Click the image to download the complete Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper in Adobe PDF format.

Click to download the complete white paper.

Download the complete Transitioning Mower Fleets to Propane white paper in Adobe PDF format.

Learn more about Exmark’s complete line of EFI-propane commercial mowers at

See the average fuel prices in your area:


New Product Showcase: Exmark Spreader-Sprayer

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

EX16_Spreader_Sprayer_Left_Front_webThe new Exmark Spreader-Sprayer introduces a number of innovations that make it easier to use and more productive for lawn care professionals, including Lean-to-Steer controls, which give the operator one-handed control of steering and forward or reverse speed.

When combined with the intuitive control layout, the Lean-to-Steer controls free the operator’s other hand to manage spread or spray system controls, or perform spot spraying with the easy-to-access spray wand.

Exmark Spreader Sprayer Lean to Steer controls

Innovative Lean to Steer controls offer one-handed control of direction and forward/reverse speed, freeing the other hand to operate the spread or spray controls.

Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters, said the Spreader-Sprayer was designed to raise the bar in a number of important areas.

“The innovations the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer introduces to the market were driven by the lawn care professionals using our machines every day. From ergonomics, to control location, to innovations to the spray and spread systems, we listened to the feedback of our customers and evolved our product to the point it’s at today.”

Exmark designed the spray system for maximum versatility, with selectable narrow (up to 5.5 feet) and wide (up to 11 feet) spray nozzles. Dual induction nozzles inside the tank provide aggressive agitation of spray mixtures to keep materials in suspension and deliver maximum spray consistency, even when using wettable powders.

Exmark Spreader Sprayer spray system

Selectable wide- and narrow-spray systems deliver maximum versatility and productivity.

A 20-gallon tank includes graduation marks for easy mixing of materials. Designed to be easy to fill and drain, the tank features a wide-fill mouth. Deeply padded knee bolsters surround the operator on three sides to increase stability, control and comfort.

The Spyker spreader system is well known for consistent performance and ease of use. Fingertip placement of spreader controls makes it easy to change the lateral adjustment of the spread pattern from the operator position, on the go. Exmark developed an innovative controller for the pump and spinner motor that gives the operator control of spinner speed (broadcast width of four to 22 feet) and provides operational alerts for the system. In addition, the operator can lock the spinner speed adjustment to minimize unintended adjustments.

The 175-pound capacity hopper is supplemented by the ability to carry an extra 50-pounds of bagged material on top of the tank. Exmark includes a soft hopper cover to protect material in the hopper from moisture during transport.

Exmark designed its Spreader-Sprayer for long-term durability with a Subaru EX27 commercial engine, corrosion-resistant stainless steel mainframe and powder coated control tower. The stainless steel operator platform includes isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride, and the platform locks in the up position for storage or transport.

Learn more about the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer at, or on the Exmark YouTube channel.

Exmark Spreader Sprayer: Calibration, Controls and Maintenance

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Exmark product manager, Lloyd Von Scheliha, walks through calibration of the spray system. Then, senior test technician, Tom Person, demonstrates spreader calibration. Proper calibration of the Exmark Spreader-Sprayer ensures customer satisfaction and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Exmark’s Lloyd Von Scheliha walks through the spray system features and controls on the new Exmark Spreader Sprayer.

Lloyd VonScheliha discusses the features and controls of the spreader system on the Exmark Spreader Sprayer.

Exmark’s Tom Person discusses the routine maintenance items that are essential to maximizing the productivity and durability of the Exmark Spreader Sprayer.

View additional Spreader Sprayer videos on the Exmark YouTube channel, or learn more about the Exmark Spreader Sprayer at

Exmark Spreader-Sprayer: Spray System Advantages

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Kent Harlan of Kent’s Lawn Service in Beatrice, Nebraska, discusses the advantages of the spray system on his Exmark Spreader-Sprayer. With both narrow- and wide-spray systems, fingertip controls and Exmark’s Lean-to-Steer controls, the machine offers the ability to spray properties with unmatched speed and precision.

View additional Spreader Sprayer videos on the Exmark YouTube channel, or learn more about the Exmark Spreader Sprayer at


Exmark Employee Profile: David Rayburn

Monday, July 13th, 2015


David Rayburn, Exmark

Exmark Logistics Manager, David Rayburn, stands with Logistics Coordinator, Patty Kaufman (middle) and IS Supervisor, Liz Daubendiek.

Where are you from?

I was born in Wisconsin and my family moved here when I was small. I went into the service for two years and then moved back to Nebraska after I got married. We’ve now lived here for the last 34 years.

Tell us about what you do at Exmark.

I manage the product planning process— also known as forecast– for Exmark products. My team consists of myself and our logistics coordinator. We receive direction from marketing for the product need and bring everything down to the specific quarter to meet the financial plan. The production facility then takes the plan and breaks it down. That’s how the production flows.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Exmark?

There’s a passion and a knowledge that people have here and it makes work very enjoyable. When we talk as a team or go through different groups, everyone is knowledgeable about their areas; they have expertise. It’s fun to work with people like that. You don’t have to repeat yourself a lot because everybody knows what they’re doing. Everyone is passionate and easy to get along with.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My family and I like to go camping, fishing, and boating. We take trips to Minnesota and North Dakota to fish and camp as much as we can during the year. But with the weather lately, it’s been tough. At least the rain is good for business in the long run.

What initially drew you to Exmark?

Both my son and daughter work here at Exmark. My son started here first and then my daughter came here after college. After that, Exmark hired me. It’s funny because normally the kids follow the parents into a company but it was the reverse for me. I started off working on the floor in the plant and was able to transition into different areas. After 13 years, I’m now in this position. I’ve been very fortunate. They’ve been very good to me.

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be?

Probably John F. Kennedy. When I was in grade school, he was running for president and he was one of the first ones where I was old enough to understand a little bit about what was going on. During his election, Bobby Kennedy came through my town. I was in fifth grade, and I skipped school so I could listen to his speech. That’s somebody I would like to understand.

What’s something surprising about you not many people know about?

For the last 27 years, I’ve been doing a yearly reenactment for the Pony Express Association. Every year in June, we’ll ride a horse and carry the mail from Sacramento California to St. Joseph, Missouri, like they did on the original Pony Express back in the 1800’s. We do it in nine days and it’s pretty cool. We try to stay as close to the original trail as we can.

David Rayburn has been a member of the Exmark team for 13 years.