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New Product Showcase: 2016 Lazer Z E-Series Zero-Turn Mower

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Exmark now offers 72-inch versions of its Lazer Z E-Series commercial zero-turn mower. The wider cutting deck – available in side- or rear-discharge configurations – delivers maximum productivity to make short work of large mowing jobs.

Lazer Z E-Series

The Lazer Z E-Series is available with a choice of rear-discharge cutting decks in 60- or 72-inch cutting widths, or side-discharge decks in 48-, 52-, 60-, or 72-inch cutting widths.

“The Lazer Z E-Series is a great choice for professional landscape contractors who keep a keen eye on the bottom line, but understand the value of the innovative engineering and commercial-grade quality of a Lazer Z,” said Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters. “It strikes a perfect balance of value, productivity and performance.”

With the same welded, heavy-duty tubular steel unibody frame found throughout the Lazer Z line, the Lazer Z E-Series machine is built to stand up to years of tough commercial use. The simplified hydro drive system uses Exmark-exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems with no hoses to leak and just two easy-to-change belts.

The 72-inch Lazer Z E-Series models are equipped with a twin-cylinder Kawasaki FX801V powerplant. Designed specifically for commercial mower applications, the engine features a heavy-duty dual-stage canister air filtration system, cast-iron cylinder liners, pressurized lubrication with high-efficiency oil cooler, and a heavy-duty shift-type starter.

UltraCut Rear Discharge

Rear-discharge models are equipped with the UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck in a choice of 60- or 72-inch cutting widths.

Side-discharge models are equipped with Exmark’s UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck in a choice of 48-, 52-, 60-, or 72-inch cutting widths. The 5.5-inch deep UltraCut Series 4 deck features Exmark’s patented flow-control baffles optimize air and clipping flow to maximize cut quality. Formed and welded 7-gauge steel reinforcement rings on top of the deck to provide superior strength and durability, while sealed, non-greasable spindles and patented spherical bearings on the idler arm pivots minimize necessary maintenance.

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Exmark Advantage: Cutting Systems

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Exmark Cutting System

The true test of any mower deck is the quality of cut it delivers. Landscape professionals depend on it. Homeowners thrive on it. And our reputation rides on it. That’s why we’re constantly improving our cutting decks with the goal of perfection in-mind.

Exmark cutting systems are designed to work as a unit, with each part contributing to its performance and overall durability. Patented flow-control baffles accelerate airflow under the deck, working with the blades to facilitate easy movement of materials and an even, controlled discharge.

Today, we’ll examine two of Exmark’s best cutting systems: the UltraCut Series 6 side-discharge and the UltraCut Rear Discharge.

Exmark UltraCut Series 6

The UltraCut Series 6 cutting deck is featured on the Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn riding mower.

UltraCut Series 6 Cutting System

  • 5.5″ deck depth. 4-point suspension. Full-floating.
  • No maintenance, sealed and non-greasable spindles; 7.75″-diameter cutter housing with 1.75″-diameter splined blade driver and 30mm (1.18″ ) diameter spindle shaft.
  • Patented spherical bearing design on idler arm pivots requires only annual greasing.
  • Coned anti-scalp rollers.
  • (3) 7-gauge steel reinforcement rings at spindle mounting area on 52,” 60″ & 72.”
  • High-strength polymer belt covers.
  • 10-gauge steel top.
  • 7-gauge steel side skirt.
  • Heavy-duty trim side wear guard.
  • 18,500 fpm blade tip speed.
  • Patented flow-control baffles.
  • No-maintenance, sealed ball bearings.
  • Flexible discharge chute reduces impact damage of trees and other obstacles.
The UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck is available on select Pioneer and Lazer Z zero-turn riding mower models.

The UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck is available on select Pioneer and Lazer Z zero-turn riding mower models.

UltraCut Rear Discharge Cutting System

  • 5.5″ deck depth. 4-point suspension. Full-floating.
  • 7-gauge high-strength low alloy deck construction.
  • High-strength polymer belt covers.
  • Reinforced anti-scalp rollers.
  • Compression molded UHMW side bumper protects deck and follows ground contours.
  • Lazer Z DS-Series: No maintenance spindles are sealed and non-greasable. 7.75″ diameter cutter housing with 1.75″ diameter splined blade driver and 30mm (1.18″) diameter spindle shaft.
  • Lazer Z S-Series: No maintenance spindles are sealed and non-greasable. 7.75″ diameter cutter housing with 25mm (.98″) diameter spindle shaft and splined blade driver.
  • 18,500 fpm blade tip speed.
  • Patented spherical bearing design on idler arms requires only annual greasing.
  • No-maintenance, sealed ball bearings.

Learn more about the advantages Exmark cutting systems can give you at

Exmark Spreader-Sprayer: Spray System Advantages

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Kent Harlan of Kent’s Lawn Service in Beatrice, Nebraska, discusses the advantages of the spray system on his Exmark Spreader-Sprayer. With both narrow- and wide-spray systems, fingertip controls and Exmark’s Lean-to-Steer controls, the machine offers the ability to spray properties with unmatched speed and precision.

View additional Spreader Sprayer videos on the Exmark YouTube channel, or learn more about the Exmark Spreader Sprayer at


Mid-Season Mower Maintenance

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

By David Martin, Exmark customer service manager

Maintenance: mower cleaning

Minimize the use of water when cleaning your mower. Instead, use compressed air whenever possible.

Now that mowing season is well under way, the last thing you want to happen is for your mower to experience downtime. The following maintenance tips will help you keep your mower running in tip-top shape.

Maintenance: mower blades

Sharp, balanced blades are critical to the performance of the cutting system. Check and sharpen blades if necessary.

  • Check the operator’s manual to see what might need to be greased. Keeping the right parts greased is an important step in extending the life of a mower.
  • Check the air filter (inner and outer) and change it if necessary. Never use compressed air to clean a filter. The powerful air stream can compromise the filter’s ability to effectively filter the air coming into the engine.
  • Depending on how many hours the mower has been running, consider changing the fuel filter. Consult your owner’s manual or for the recommended replacement interval.
  • Check and, if necessary, change the spark plugs.
  • Blow the debris off the unit:
    • Remove the belt deck belt shields and blow off all foreign material.
    • Blow the grass off the areas around the pumps and wheel motors (overheated oil leads to shorter component life).
    • Blow through the openings in and around the console or remove the console mounting screws to get debris out of this area.
  • Check for loose hardware.
  • Verify torque on wheel motor castle nut and tire mounting lug nuts.
  • Verify oil changes are being performed at the proper intervals, and perform the service if necessary. NEVER, under any circumstances, exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations by more than 100 hours. Significant damage will result that will reduce the machine’s lifespan and compromise productivity.

Learn more about how to effectively service and maintain your mowers and lawn care equipment at

Exmark 20-inch Slicer Seeder Delivers Productivity, Durability

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015
Seeder, left view

The 40-pound capacity hopper holds more seed to easily handle large jobs.

Landscape professionals can count on the Exmark 20-inch Slicer Seeder to deliver top-notch results every time. It performs three jobs — verticutting, detaching and overseeding — with each pass of the machine. As easy to use and maneuver as a walk-behind mower, the 20-inch Slicer Seeder is a productive, profitable addition to the team.

Durable high-carbon steel blades remove thatch and provide maximum seed-to-soil contact, which enables superior germination. The innovative seed delivery system features a large-diameter mixer. It regulates seed flow based on ground speed to ensure even seed delivery, regardless of machine speed.

Slicer Seeder, right view

Simple controls make the 20-inch Slicer Seeder as easy to use as a walk-behind mower.

The large-capacity seed hopper holds 40-pounds of seed, so the 20-inch Slicer Seeder can handle large jobs with fewer stops. The Subaru EX270 engine delivers commercial-grade reliability and power combined with reduced noise, fuel consumption and emissions. In fact, the engine is EPA and CARB certified for use in all 50 states.

When it comes to overseeding, the Exmark 20-inch Slicer Seeder delivers results that will delight your customers, with productivity and durability that will enhance your bottom line. Learn more at

Zero-Turn vs. Lawn Tractor: Other Factors to Consider

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Quality of Cut: A professional’s calling card

Exmark Pioneer E-Series zero-turn riding mower

An Exmark zero-turn mower makes it easy to give your lawn a professionally maintained appearance.

Landscape professionals earn their living delivering a consistently superior cut quality for their customers. That’s why Exmark has worked hard to engineer the best cutting decks on the market.

Exmark’s patented flow-control baffles and exclusive blade designs deliver an unmatched quality of cut that’s optimized for the increased cutting speeds Exmark mowers are capable of achieving. When it comes to quickly making tall grass short, with a beautiful finished appearance, no lawn tractor can match an Exmark Lazer Z zero-turn rider. That’s one reason landscape pros choose it two-to-one over the next leading competitor.

Durability: The definition of commercial-grade

One thing we’ve learned in our more than 30 years of building mowers for landscape professionals is that stamped steel decks just don’t cut it when it comes to the demands of mowing sun up to sun down. That’s why every zero-turn mower we build comes standard with a heavy-duty fabricated steel cutting deck. Each of the lawn tractors in this comparison feature stamped steel cutting decks.

Exmark UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck

Exmark UltraCut cutting decks use high-strength steel that’s fabricated and welded for unmatched durability.

Fabricated decks are stiffer, stronger and more durable than stamped decks, even reinforced models. And with features like no-maintenance sealed bearing spindles and hex-style blade drivers, the Exmark durability advantage extends to the components as well as the cutting deck itself.

Exmark zero-turn commercial mowers feature state-of-the-art powerplants with gasoline, diesel and propane fuel options. With commercial-duty features such as multi-stage canister-style air filters, pressurized lubrication, oil coolers and cast iron cylinder liners, the engines powering Exmark mowers are as cutting edge as the mowers they power.

Our exclusive unitized hydro-drive components and welded, heavy-duty tubular steel unibody frames are two more features that help Exmark machines deliver the durability landscape professionals need to stay productive and profitable season after season.

Bottom Line: Choose the tools the pros use

When compared head-to-head, it’s clear a zero-turn riding mower offers the most compelling combination of productivity, maneuverability and quality of cut available today. And while innovations such as four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive have helped to increase the productivity of high-end lawn tractors compared to earlier models, at every price level examined, Exmark zero-turn riding mowers are clearly the more productive machines.

When it comes to durability, Exmark scores big with true commercial-duty frames, cutting decks, drive systems and engines designed to stand the test of time.

Bottom line: an Exmark zero-turn riding mower very well could be the last mower you need to buy.

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