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New Product Showcase: 2016 Lazer Z E-Series Zero-Turn Mower

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Exmark now offers 72-inch versions of its Lazer Z E-Series commercial zero-turn mower. The wider cutting deck – available in side- or rear-discharge configurations – delivers maximum productivity to make short work of large mowing jobs.

Lazer Z E-Series

The Lazer Z E-Series is available with a choice of rear-discharge cutting decks in 60- or 72-inch cutting widths, or side-discharge decks in 48-, 52-, 60-, or 72-inch cutting widths.

“The Lazer Z E-Series is a great choice for professional landscape contractors who keep a keen eye on the bottom line, but understand the value of the innovative engineering and commercial-grade quality of a Lazer Z,” said Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters. “It strikes a perfect balance of value, productivity and performance.”

With the same welded, heavy-duty tubular steel unibody frame found throughout the Lazer Z line, the Lazer Z E-Series machine is built to stand up to years of tough commercial use. The simplified hydro drive system uses Exmark-exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems with no hoses to leak and just two easy-to-change belts.

The 72-inch Lazer Z E-Series models are equipped with a twin-cylinder Kawasaki FX801V powerplant. Designed specifically for commercial mower applications, the engine features a heavy-duty dual-stage canister air filtration system, cast-iron cylinder liners, pressurized lubrication with high-efficiency oil cooler, and a heavy-duty shift-type starter.

UltraCut Rear Discharge

Rear-discharge models are equipped with the UltraCut Rear Discharge cutting deck in a choice of 60- or 72-inch cutting widths.

Side-discharge models are equipped with Exmark’s UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck in a choice of 48-, 52-, 60-, or 72-inch cutting widths. The 5.5-inch deep UltraCut Series 4 deck features Exmark’s patented flow-control baffles optimize air and clipping flow to maximize cut quality. Formed and welded 7-gauge steel reinforcement rings on top of the deck to provide superior strength and durability, while sealed, non-greasable spindles and patented spherical bearings on the idler arm pivots minimize necessary maintenance.

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2016 New Product Showcase: Lazer Z Suspended Operator Platform

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Exmark Expands Suspended Operator Platform for 2016

Following the successful mid-year debut of a suspended operator platform for its Lazer Z commercial zero-turn mower, Exmark announced it is expanding the platform’s availability for 2016.

Exmark Lazer Z Suspended Operator Platform, rear-view

The Suspended Operator Platform is easy to adjust for any operator weight without tools.

Exmark added suspended operator platform-equipped 52-inch Lazer Z E-Series and 72-inch Lazer Z X-Series options to the existing 60-inch options in both models for the 2016 model year. The suspended operator platform uses three coil-over hydraulic dampers to significantly reduce the impact of bumps and vibration. It provides 3.6-inches of travel in vertical and fore-aft directions, with trailing arms to limit lateral travel and increase operator stability.

“We initially launched the suspended operator platform on 60-inch versions of our Lazer Z E-Series and Lazer Z X-Series mowers, as it’s our most popular cutting deck size,” said Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters. “Almost immediately we began to receive calls, emails and social media messages inquiring about the platform’s availability with other cutting deck widths.

“These new models are the direct result of the feedback we received.”

Exmark Lazer Z Suspended Operator Platform, action

The Suspended Operator Platform raises the bar on comfort while preserving the performance advantages that have made the Lazer Z the #1 choice among landscape professionals.

The suspended operator platform preserves the performance advantages of that have made the Lazer Z the most popular commercial zero-turn mower on the market, and it significantly reduces the negative effects of mowing rough terrain on the operator. The design is easily adjustable for operator weight and ride quality preference without tools, making it easy to achieve the desired ride quality for any operator. There’s no harsh bottoming, regardless of operator weight, and the design eases access to hydrostatic drive system components, making routine maintenance easier to perform.

Suspended operator platform-equipped Lazer Z models are equipped with a new seat design that uses patented Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric and plush foam padding for maximum comfort. In addition, Exmark’s patented Iso-Mount isolation system provides a controlled .75-inch of lateral and .5-inch of vertical isolation to further insulate the operator from bumps and vibration.

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Exmark Lazer Z AS

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Hello. Ross Hawley here again, a product manager at Exmark. This post is the next in our series highlighting the newest from Exmark in 2010. Today, we’d like to highlight the Exmark Lazer Z AS.

We made sure the newest member of the Exmark Lazer Z family lives up to its high performance lineage. The Lazer Z AS is a commercial-grade, zero-turn mower with a 20 hp Kawasaki FX or Kawasaki FS engine. It comes with 48- or 52-inch full-floating UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks and offers a compact, heavy-duty, unibody frame with standard rear-sloping, easily foldable ROPS.

Here are some of the other features that set the Lazer Z AS apart from the rest:

  • Exmark exclusive Parker unitized 12 cc pump and wheel motor system with no hoses for improved performance and reduced maintenance.
  • 12 x 5.0-6 smooth-tread, pneumatic front caster tires for increased reliability.
  • Speeds up to 8 mph forward for increased productivity.
  • Heavy-duty canister air filtration system (available on FX engine models) to improve engine life and simplify maintenance.
  • High-capacity, 8-gallon, single fuel tank with single fill location to reduce time at the gas pump.

It’s certainly a mower that you need to experience firsthand at your local Exmark dealer.

Update: The Exmark Lazer Z AS is now the Lazer Z E-Series.