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Spotlight: Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Exmark 30inchStandOnAerator_smHR

With an efficient stand-on design and the ability to aerate at up to 7 mph with fingertip control, the Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator product page raises the bar for aerating productivity and ease-of-use.

Productivity is the key to profitability, and the Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator delivers for your business. The stand-on design, cushioned operator platform and intuitive controls reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity for every operator, every day.

Exmark Coring Tines

1,200 pounds of hydraulic pressure drives the 48 coring tines into the ground with incredible consistency.

The hydraulic tine actuation system delivers an incredible 1,200 pounds of down force for consistent core depth and the ability to pull up to 5-inch plugs. Hydraulics are fully-integrated, so there’s zero hoses to break or replace, and a clean, purposeful and ergonomic control layout is incredibly easy to use.

Free-floating center tines allow turning with tines engaged without damaging turf, with the ability to perform zero-turns with the tines raised. The Exmark design also offers incredible traction on a wide variety of turf, courtesy of a combined wheel- and tine-drive system that delivers infinite speed control up to 7mph.

Here’s Exmark Product Manager, Lloyd VonScheliha, with more on the 30-inch Stand-On Aerator:

Learn more about the opportunity lawn care services could represent for your business with our Lawn Care Services White Paper (Adobe PDF format), or visit Exmark Turf Management Products.

The Exmark Vantage: One Year Later

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Vantage_Outdoor_01It’s been almost a year since the introduction of Vantage, our stand-on mower, and since then, the positive reviews have been pouring in.  The features that really stand out in the minds of pros and dealers are the mower’s platform and suspension system, and the exclusive Exmark deck.

When we first started working on Vantage, we spent a lot of time with customers, talking to them, watching them work and figuring out their pain points. We discovered that comfort is key for the guy who is standing all day long. We designed the suspension to be easier on the operator’s knees and joints. And, as always, the deck delivers the distinct Exmark cut.

A few of our customers mentioned that they actually waited for the launch of this machine to buy a stand-on mower. They also told us it was well worth the wait. That makes us very proud.

Vantage features:

  • Powered by 20 or 24 hp Kawasaki V Twin engines.
  • Available with 48″and 52″ UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks.
  • Ergonomically designed steering system includes an adjustable front reference bar that can control the top-end speed of the machine.
  • Self-compensating suspension makes standing easier for pros of all shapes.
  • Platform folds up, allowing the machine to function like a walk-behind.
  • Superior traction and handling allows you to mow, changing landscapes effortlessly.
  • Angled platform sides allow operator to shift body weight for a smoother ride when mowing hillsides.
  • Greaseless spindles eliminate the need for yearly greasing.
  • 11 x 4.0-5, smooth-tread, semi-pneumatic front caster tires for increased reliability.
  • 20 x 10.0-8 Turf Master drive tires for optimum traction. Tough 1.5″ x 3.0″ steel-frame blades ensure maximum durability.
  • Integrated tie-down points for secure trailering.

Have you been on the Vantage? Share your thoughts below.

Exmark Lazer Z AS

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Hello. Ross Hawley here again, a product manager at Exmark. This post is the next in our series highlighting the newest from Exmark in 2010. Today, we’d like to highlight the Exmark Lazer Z AS.

We made sure the newest member of the Exmark Lazer Z family lives up to its high performance lineage. The Lazer Z AS is a commercial-grade, zero-turn mower with a 20 hp Kawasaki FX or Kawasaki FS engine. It comes with 48- or 52-inch full-floating UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks and offers a compact, heavy-duty, unibody frame with standard rear-sloping, easily foldable ROPS.

Here are some of the other features that set the Lazer Z AS apart from the rest:

  • Exmark exclusive Parker unitized 12 cc pump and wheel motor system with no hoses for improved performance and reduced maintenance.
  • 12 x 5.0-6 smooth-tread, pneumatic front caster tires for increased reliability.
  • Speeds up to 8 mph forward for increased productivity.
  • Heavy-duty canister air filtration system (available on FX engine models) to improve engine life and simplify maintenance.
  • High-capacity, 8-gallon, single fuel tank with single fill location to reduce time at the gas pump.

It’s certainly a mower that you need to experience firsthand at your local Exmark dealer.

Update: The Exmark Lazer Z AS is now the Lazer Z E-Series.