Spotlight: Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator

 July 5, 2015

Exmark 30inchStandOnAerator_smHR

With an efficient stand-on design and the ability to aerate at up to 7 mph with fingertip control, the Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator product page raises the bar for aerating productivity and ease-of-use.

Productivity is the key to profitability, and the Exmark 30-inch Stand-On Aerator delivers for your business. The stand-on design, cushioned operator platform and intuitive controls reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity for every operator, every day.

Exmark Coring Tines

1,200 pounds of hydraulic pressure drives the 48 coring tines into the ground with incredible consistency.

The hydraulic tine actuation system delivers an incredible 1,200 pounds of down force for consistent core depth and the ability to pull up to 5-inch plugs. Hydraulics are fully-integrated, so there’s zero hoses to break or replace, and a clean, purposeful and ergonomic control layout is incredibly easy to use.

Free-floating center tines allow turning with tines engaged without damaging turf, with the ability to perform zero-turns with the tines raised. The Exmark design also offers incredible traction on a wide variety of turf, courtesy of a combined wheel- and tine-drive system that delivers infinite speed control up to 7mph.

Here’s Exmark Product Manager, Lloyd VonScheliha, with more on the 30-inch Stand-On Aerator:

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