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Exmark Lazer Z AS

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Hello. Ross Hawley here again, a product manager at Exmark. This post is the next in our series highlighting the newest from Exmark in 2010. Today, we’d like to highlight the Exmark Lazer Z AS.

We made sure the newest member of the Exmark Lazer Z family lives up to its high performance lineage. The Lazer Z AS is a commercial-grade, zero-turn mower with a 20 hp Kawasaki FX or Kawasaki FS engine. It comes with 48- or 52-inch full-floating UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks and offers a compact, heavy-duty, unibody frame with standard rear-sloping, easily foldable ROPS.

Here are some of the other features that set the Lazer Z AS apart from the rest:

  • Exmark exclusive Parker unitized 12 cc pump and wheel motor system with no hoses for improved performance and reduced maintenance.
  • 12 x 5.0-6 smooth-tread, pneumatic front caster tires for increased reliability.
  • Speeds up to 8 mph forward for increased productivity.
  • Heavy-duty canister air filtration system (available on FX engine models) to improve engine life and simplify maintenance.
  • High-capacity, 8-gallon, single fuel tank with single fill location to reduce time at the gas pump.

It’s certainly a mower that you need to experience firsthand at your local Exmark dealer.

Update: The Exmark Lazer Z AS is now the Lazer Z E-Series.

Exmark Vantage

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Hi, everyone. I’m Ross Hawley, product manager for Vantage – Exmark’s new stand-on mower. For months, Exmark has been designing and planning for this new unit – our first stand-on mower.

Vantage is built with the same craftsmanship and eye for detail as our other mowers. With a host of great attributes, I’d like to point out a few that truly set it apart from other mowers:

  1. Platform: Vantage’s stand-on platform allows for movement to maximize performance and conveniently folds up, leaving plenty of room for bigger machines on trailers
  2. Heat shield: The rubber heat shield separates you from the heat of the drive system
  3. Cutting deck: The single-point height-adjust means you can quickly raise and lower the cutting deck to meet your needs
  4. Fuel tank: The centered, eight-gallon fuel tank helps maintain consistent performance regardless of travel direction
  5. Muffler: Vantage’s heavy-duty muffler guard protects the muffler from the typical wear and tear
  6. Quality of cut: As with any Exmark mower, our exclusive UltraCut deck cutting technology provides beautiful results
  7. Controls: You can easily step off and on the mower without doing anything more than letting go of the controls
  8. Suspension – Self-compensating suspension makes standing easier for pros of all shapes

We interviewed a handful of landscape professionals about what they love about Vantage. You can see their testimonials and learn about other benefits of Vantage on our YouTube channel. Vantage will be available in late-February, I encourage you to visit your local dealer to experience the Vantage advantage for yourself.