Next-Generation Exmark RED Technology

 March 20, 2018

RED Technology Onboard Intelligence was a game changer when Exmark released it, allowing key systems to communicate with each other for improved performance, durability and efficiency. Next-Generation RED Technology features a new LCD monitor screen mounted on the console, where operators can monitor vital mower functions, report on property and mowing statistics, and receive service reminders and troubleshooting information.

RED Technology delivers key benefits to commercial mowers. RED-equipped mowers can be more fuel efficient than comparable mowers without RED Technology. It works with Electronic Fuel Injection and E-Governor technologies to improve engine response despite changing terrain or thick patches. RED Technology delivers the right amount of power at the right time, keeping the engine’s RPM more consistent.

For 2018, Exmark is offering RED Technology in both gasoline and diesel mowers. Lazer Z mowers with RED Technology feature EFI-gasoline Kohler and Kawasaki engines; the diesel option is a state-of-the art Yanmar diesel engine.

The control module has been redesigned, with an LCD display screen with multi-function push buttons to select from the three defined operating modes and six customizable engine speed set points for the Low, Efficient and Max modes. RED Technology will provide operating and property statistics, and deliver on-screen notifications when engine or transmission oil changes are coming due. In addition to making fleet management easier, sticking to the mower’s maintenance schedule will help maximize mower uptime, profitability and productivity. Should an error code appear, it will be delivered in clear, easy to read text, rather than as an icon.

The clutch-saver on RED-equipped mowers momentarily reduces engine RPM when the clutch is engaged, to reduce stress and wear on engine components, and has the ability to engage the cutting deck on the fly. RED Technology monitors machine performance, placing the mower in “safe transport” mode when critical engine or system issues are detected. This allows the operator to return the mower to the truck without damaging it. As an added safety feature, RED will put the mower into auto-idle if the operator gets out of the seat.

Updated RED Technology is available on 2018 Lazer Z S-Series, Lazer Z X-Series, and Lazer Z Diesel mowers. Contact your local dealer to arrange a demonstration.