Exmark’s Suspended Operator Platform

 September 20, 2017

For professionals, who can spend six plus hours a day mowing, an additional demand on equipment is that it can safeguard their comfort. Exmark’s suspension platform mower does just that, combining ergonomics and technology for superior operator comfort.

A lot goes into our suspension platform.

  • Floating Platform: By suspending the seat using hydraulic dampers, mowers that offer suspension platform seating provide a “floating” sensation. Coils absorb most of the shock, so you don’t feel every bump and jolt, greatly reducing impact. Exmark’s suspension platform seating also controls side-to-side movements of the seat (not just the up-and-down ones) for greater comfort.
  • Adjustable Shocks: When you spend a lot of time with a mower, you get to know its quirks and settings pretty easily. Adjustable shocks allow you to determine just how much suspension you need. For greater control, you might want to opt for less absorption; when you have a lot of bumpy ground to cover, you may want more. This ability to adjust also means you can adapt the machine to your height and weight.
  • Luxury Comfort: All of the technology in the world won’t help if the seat isn’t comfortable to begin with. That’s why the deluxe, luxury comfort of a suspension seat is important. Look for plush padding, vibration control fabric, and lower back support to ensure that you’re comfortable no matter how hard the mower is working.

By investing in riding mowers and lawn equipment that take comfort seriously, you are investing in the future of your company. Operators may experience less fatigue, and you may find other benefits, like reduced insurance costs and happier employees. You could also find that your crew is able to accomplish more when they have access to equipment that takes their physical well-being into account.

The suspension platform seating options offered on select Lazer Z mowers offer a lot more than a comfy ride. They allow you to step your lawn care game up to the next level. You could see better results from the ground up.


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