When to Lease and When to Buy Lawn Care Equipment

 September 14, 2016

Rotating and maintaining your mowers is an essential part of all good lawn care companies. Any piece of equipment that gets regular use is going to experience wear and tear—and when that equipment literally is your business, it’s important to stay on top of repairs and the latest mower upgrades.

As an Exmark mower user, you already know that we offer a full suite of commercial mowers. However, you don’t have to purchase these mowers in order to include them in your personal fleet. Depending on your situation, you may find that it’s better to lease than to buy.

Here’s how you can tell what’s right for you.

Leasing Lawn Care Equipment

Is Leasing Right For You

Depending on your situation, you may find that it’s better to lease than to buy.

When cash flow is a factor, leasing might be the best option for your business. Because you make regular monthly payments instead of paying in full for the equipment, you don’t have to tap into your capital or take out a loan in order to access the best-quality lawn care equipment you can.

This is especially true if you’d like to access the newest and latest in lawn care technology. When you purchase a mower, you’re typically tied to that equipment for several years in order to make the most of your investment. With a lease, you may be able to trade in and upgrade to newer models.

Because leased equipment is traded in and upgraded regularly, it tends to stay under warranty until you’re ready to move on. Not only does this mean there’s rarely a chance for the equipment to become so worn down it stops being effective, but the added benefit of manufacturer warranties means you don’t have to worry about spending huge amounts of money on repairs.

Buying Lawn Care Equipment

Of course, even with these benefits, leasing isn’t for everyone. When you lease a piece of equipment, it becomes a tool you use rather than an asset to your business—something that can make a big difference when you’re a small company or just starting out. A mower you purchase can not only be used every day, but it can also be sold off when you’re done with it.

Lawn care equipment you own is also yours to do with what you wish. Upgrades, repairs, maintenance… all those things that are part of your daily business can be accomplished without going through the manufacturer or taking lease agreements into account.

With fleet programs, you may be able to save on purchases of more than one machine. There may also be tax benefits to owning your equipment rather than leasing, so it’s important to talk to your financial department or accountant before you make a decision.

Here at Exmark, we want you to feel good about the equipment you use every day. We make the mowers Landscape Pros purchase 2 to 1 over the next best-selling brand — it’s up to you to decide how you want to access them. Learn more about Exmark’s Lease Program on the Special Offers page.