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‘Tis the Season: Part 3

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

This week’s post is from Karen Jurgens, whose true holiday spirit can’t be dampened by a little snow.

Karen Jurgens – Assembler

We always celebrate the holidays with my kids and grandkids coming to our house on Christmas Eve for a sit-down dinner of prime rib with all the fixings. Then we head to the living room where we open presents and catch up. Last year things didn’t go according to plan. If you remember, some major storms, make that blizzards, hit the Midwest. There was one particularly nasty storm right around Christmas that knocked out power lines and closed roads. Well I wasn’t going to let that scrooge ruin our holiday. I put the prime rib in the freezer and moved Christmas to January. Hey, tradition is tradition and no amount of snow in the world was going to ruin it for us. So come January, my kids and grandkids came down and we ate dinner and opened presents. Now that I think about it, this Christmas will be our second in 2010. Not too shabby if you ask me.

No matter how you and your family celebrate, everyone at Exmark wishes you a happy holiday season.

‘Tis the Season: Part 2

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

This week’s post comes from our very own CEO, whose celebration is steeped in tradition

Rick Olsen – General Manager

Our holiday celebration is shaped by two things: my Swedish ancestry and my birthday. My birthday is on December 24th. This is great for me since that’s the day my entire extended family comes together to celebrate Christmas. We kick things off with a little midday lunch that includes cake and birthday presents. After lunch, we usually spend the rest of the day catching up and enjoying each other’s company. Before we know it, it’s time for dinner. We always have a traditional Swedish meal that takes me back to my roots. A family program follows dinner, where the children play musical instruments and the eldest read Christmas stories. Then it’s time to open presents. But no matter how many presents I get on that day, whether for my birthday or Christmas, my absolute favorite present by far is seeing my entire family in one place.

No matter how you and your family celebrate, everyone at Exmark wishes you a happy holiday season.

‘Tis the Season: Part 1

Monday, December 20th, 2010

The lights are up. The mall Santas have taken their rightful thrones. The deal-hunters are out in full force. The lists and cookies have been made. Everywhere you turn, it’s beginning to look a lot like the most wonderful time of the year. To keep in the spirit, we’d like to take a moment and shift focus from mowers to people. Specifically our Exmark people. The next few posts are dedicated to three of our employees and how they like to spend their holiday season.

We’re kicking off the holiday posts with one from Debbie Hartig.

Debbie Hartig – Materials Coordinator

Ever since I can remember, we’ve celebrated Christmas on the 24th. We always get together at a relative’s house, eat a delicious prime rib dinner and open presents. We have the best time just sitting around and catching up. And if the mood strikes, we’ll pop in a few home movies and catch up on Christmases past. And haircuts past! I can’t imagine spending the holidays any other way.

No matter how you and your family celebrate, everyone at Exmark wishes you a happy holiday season.