‘Tis the Season: Part 3

 December 23, 2010

This week’s post is from Karen Jurgens, whose true holiday spirit can’t be dampened by a little snow.

Karen Jurgens – Assembler

We always celebrate the holidays with my kids and grandkids coming to our house on Christmas Eve for a sit-down dinner of prime rib with all the fixings. Then we head to the living room where we open presents and catch up. Last year things didn’t go according to plan. If you remember, some major storms, make that blizzards, hit the Midwest. There was one particularly nasty storm right around Christmas that knocked out power lines and closed roads. Well I wasn’t going to let that scrooge ruin our holiday. I put the prime rib in the freezer and moved Christmas to January. Hey, tradition is tradition and no amount of snow in the world was going to ruin it for us. So come January, my kids and grandkids came down and we ate dinner and opened presents. Now that I think about it, this Christmas will be our second in 2010. Not too shabby if you ask me.

No matter how you and your family celebrate, everyone at Exmark wishes you a happy holiday season.