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Our Motivation Behind the First Lazer Z

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Lazer Z X-SeriesIt’s hard to believe that the Lazer Z has been around for more than 16 years. Back in May 1994, when we first started working on the best-selling mower, we wanted to fill a hole in the marketplace. Mowers of that time were big machines that lacked productivity and reliability. They wasted time on the grass and wasted valuable space on trailers. So we decided that our mower wasn’t going to be just productive and reliable, but it was going to be a machine that would deliver an unmistakable cut. It would also be a machine that minded its space.

But before we rolled up our sleeves and cranked up the factory floor, we put on our comfy shoes and traveled to some of our territories to hear firsthand what pros want in a mower.

With feedback in hand, we headed to Beatrice and started building our vision. More than a year later, the very first Lazer Z rolled off the line. It was the first mid-mount mower to provide a quality cut with every job, and to do it in less time. It was a mower that wasn’t just productive, but extremely reliable. It was the first machine to take up less trailer space, allowing room for the rest of the fleet. It was truly a product that revolutionized the industry; it changed how a landscape pro mowed.

Of course the Lazer Z of today is different from its humble beginnings, but not by much. We transformed and improved on a few of its features, but we kept the productivity, reliability and quality of cut just as impressive as the original model.

It’s been a long, rewarding road. One we would travel on if we had to do it all over again.

Do you remember your first Lazer Z? We’d love to hear from you.