Introducing the 2018 Lazer Z Diesel Zero-Turn Mower with 96” Flex Wing Deck

 January 9, 2018

We know lawn care professionals need three things from their equipment: performance, productivity and durability. We’ve raised the bar on all three with the new 2018 Lazer Z Diesel mowers. And we didn’t forget about operator comfort, either.

Lazer Z Diesel mowers make quick work of the largest, toughest jobs, and are a great choice for those who need a versatile, durable and highly efficient mower to maintain vast expanses of turf, or who mow under difficult conditions. Despite high mowing speeds, the Lazer Z Diesel with a 96” Flex Wing deck is the most productive mower Exmark has built, yet retains the signature cut quality of the Lazer Z line.

Exmark engineers designed the Lazer Z Diesel mowers with the engine and the radiator set low in the chassis, creating a lower center of gravity for improved stability. Another design decision was to couple the engine to the transmission, doing away with drive belts. As a result, Lazer Z Diesel mowers have a more robust and efficient powertrain that helps reduce the need for service schedules. For owners, this means maximum uptime and a lower total cost of ownership when compared to similar mowers.

RED Technology-equipped, liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engines provide the power while operating at reduced levels. A 1.6-liter common rail direct-injection engine is an option on all three models, delivering maximum power and torque. There’s also a 1.3 liter option for delivering responsive power and maximum fuel efficiency. RED Technology works with electronic governors to increase responsiveness and virtually eliminates governor droop. RED Technology also monitors machine health, provides on-screen service alerts, and helps deliver the reduced exhaust emissions necessary to achieve EPA Tier 4 compliance.

The all-new UltraCut Flex Wing deck is available only on the Lazer Z Diesel mowers. A 48” rear discharge center deck with two 24” wing decks uses four matching blades to deliver uncompromising cut quality across the entire 8-foot-wide cut. With the optional mulch kit attached, you won’t have to rake or vacuum, making the mower even more productive. The wing decks flex up and down on uneven terrain to minimize scalping, and with both decks raised, the 96” wide mower can fit in a trailer designed to accommodate 72-inch zero turn mowers. (72-inch or 60-inch UltraCut deck, in side or rear-discharge configurations, are also available.)

We believe operator comfort goes a long way to keeping a mowing team productive, and the 2018 Lazer Z Diesel mowers include a number of technologies designed to increase your comfort and reduce exposure to bumps and vibrations. Isolation mounts provide three-dimensional isolation from vibration in the frame, and the full-suspension operator seat features a scissor-link ball-bearing suspension system, Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric base, and custom seat cushion foam for all-day comfort.

Ready for Exmark’s most productive diesel zero-turn mower? Contact your local dealer for pricing and a demonstration, and see why Exmark mowers are trusted 2-to-1 over the next best-selling brand by landscape professionals.