The First Year Report Card for the New Lazer Z

 February 15, 2010

It rarely happens around here – we almost never take the time to stop and look back. But with the first anniversary of our Next Lazer Z launch, we couldn’t just move ahead without reflecting and sharing the positive report that came in from the field. For starters, landscape pros have said that to call the newest Lazer Z’s increased durability, “dependable”, was quite the understatement. We’ve also heard that the mower isn’t just easy to maintain, but it’s easy on the body, making it one extremely comfortable ride. As for the cut, pros couldn’t be more pleased. They’ve confirmed the UltraCut Series 6 deck delivers Exmark’s signature cut with each pass. Other features that have the pros raving are the new spindles and hydros. Needless to say, the evolution influenced largely by landscape pros has become quite a hit. To see just how much pros are loving it, visit Also check out our latest video on the new Lazer Z on our YouTube channel.

The author of this post is John Cloutier, senior marketing manager for Exmark.