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Employee Spotlight: Lenny Magnall

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

To put it lightly, our employees rock –every single one of them. They’re the reason Exmark mowers are tough, reliable and deliver the best cut in the industry. To show our appreciation to all of the hard-working men and women who make this place tick, we’re going to feature one employee a month. Consider this to be the first of many “Thank Yous.”

Lenny Magnall – Customer Service Technician

13 years and counting.

In a nutshell, Lenny is a problem solver. Whether it’s over the phone or during face-to-face visits, he can answer questions that deal with everything from electrical issues to warranty inquiries to that clickity-click-veeee sound a mower is making while idling.

But answering questions is only part of what he does. Lenny’s also a presenter, video editor and website developer. During the off-season, he’s a road warrior, traveling around the country to speak with dealers, distributors and technicians in person. There isn’t much this guy can’t do.

On a scale of one to 10, Lenny gives his job in the customer service department a 15. His tenure in Research and Development also ranks pretty high. But he’ll never forget starting out as a welder. Putting mowers together was quite an experience. And wielding a blowtorch wasn’t bad either.

When he’s not working, Lenny’s busy fishing and coaching his three boys’ sports teams. As for mowing the lawn, you’ll rarely see him with his Exmark walk-behind. That’s because his wife has taken the reins. He would say something, but then he wouldn’t have as much time for everything else on his plate.