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Green Machines

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We’re not surprised in the least to see a good deal of our customers opting for environmentally-friendly, alternative fuel mowers. It’s been a steady ripple of change within the landscaping industry. And pros are doing it for a variety of reasons, from customer expectations, to evolved business practices, to overall gas savings and efficiency.

Exmark is supporting our customers’ efforts with green machines that burn cleaner, reduce emissions and use less gas. We’re also hoping to educate everyone on the benefits of propane mowers.

For instance, along with the positive impacts of fuel  and environmental conservation, propane mowers require less maintenance and a clean-burning engine will actually last up to twice as long as a traditional engine.  Although there’s a bit of sticker shock associated with these mowers, propane is nearly 30 percent cheaper than gasoline, so the cost savings really add up. Translation: going green can save some green.

But if investing in a new alternative fuel mower is not an option, you can still take steps to go green by filling your Exmark with biodiesel. You’ll see very little impact on the performance of your mower.

Though alternative fuels may not be as readily available as gas, propane and biodiesel are not hard to find. Simply search your local Yellow Pages for your nearest propane dealer and The National Biodiesel Board for a list of registered fuel suppliers who adhere to strict production standards.

For those who prefer a gas motor but still want to reduce their gas consumption, take a look at Kohler electronic fuel injection engine (EFI), which uses significantly less gas, burns cleaner and produces far fewer carbon emissions than a traditional engine.  Similar to alternative fuel engines, you’ll spend less on fuel and need less maintenance.

Thinking about going green? Check out some Exmark’s alternative fuel mowers and EFIs.

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