Done in a Weekend: Landscaping That Speaks to You

 May 25, 2017

Exmark’s Done-in-a-Weekend series highlights ways for you to enjoy a lush, green lawn with projects you can complete in 48 hours or less.

With spring underway, we’re all looking for those bright bursts of color that make a home feel more inviting. We’d like to introduce you to the idea of “layering up” your landscaping. Sure, your lawn looks great, and yes, you have the right mower and tools to keep it looking that way, but what about your outdoor living space? The bushes, plants and flowers you choose will define how your outdoor living will look this year.

Before you start any project to improve your landscaping, do some research. You can look online or ask at a garden store in your area. Learn what plants thrive in your specific climate, especially when it comes to your unique yard. Lots of shade means you’ll need different plant varieties than if your home gets full sun. Make a simple map of your yard, with sunny and shady spots marked, and bring it to the garden store; this will give the staff a better idea of the type of plants that will thrive in your yard.

From there, it’s all about texture and layers. It’s easy to build a landscape that looks great today, but for lasting comfort you and your family can enjoy year in and year out, it’s important to consider how the plants will mature. You want to pick the right size, the right shape, the right texture, and the right spacing for the plants once they reach maturity.

This video also includes helpful tips for the planting process. Whether this is your first time landscaping on your own, or if you’re looking for the motivation you need to get that weekend project off the ground, we highly encourage you to layer up. Your new outdoor living space awaits!