Clipping Control: Baggers, Ultra Vacs, and More

 March 1, 2017

The right grass collection system leaves behind a smooth, clean lawn that will make your mowing service the envy of the neighborhood. Mowing during heavy growth seasons or when there are large accumulations of organic debris in the fall may require different equipment for handling clippings, especially if you have commercial clients who want a well-manicured look. Exmark has multiple options for clipping control.

UltraVac Systems

UltraVac 3-Bag Collection System

The UltraVac system has what you need to create that perfect finish.

If you have an Exmark zero-turn mower, the UltraVac collection system is an extension option that can be added to your equipment.

At the basic level, you can opt for non-powered collection bags with reinforced bottoms and plenty of capacity to cover large areas without stopping to empty. The UltraVac’s large tubes help minimize clogging, which means less maintenance and fewer delays. And because there’s no complicated machinery involved, you can install the UltraVac in minutes.

For more power and commercial-grade results, you can choose the UltraVac QDS collection system, with a large collection hopper made of steel and polyethylene. This hopper can be emptied by a lever from your seat, allowing you extra versatility without slowing you down. And because the hood is sealed, no excess dust gets dispersed while you work.

For more information on which systems are available for your mower, you can visit Exmark’s accessories page. Enter your mower information, and we’ll tell you what kind of collection system is compatible with your equipment.

Exmark baggers

Exmark’s various baggers make clipping control easy with a variety of baggers that are easy to install.


Depending on your mower, Exmark has a selection of baggers and grass catchers. These come in various capacities, allowing you to work more efficiently. Because these options are designed to be used with our mowers, they’re easy to install and made of the quality materials Exmark is known for.

Enhanced Clipping Control

In slower growth periods, you may not need a bagger, but you still want to leave your customers’ lawns looking neat and clean. Rear discharge cutting decks, which allow you to precisely control the amount of clippings and where they end up, and micro-mulching systems, are ideal. They can save you time, as you no longer have to haul and handle clippings. (NB: Link to micro mulch blog post)

Whatever your lawn care business’ needs, Exmark can help you keep the clippings under control.