Get a Distinctive Cut with Striping Kits

 August 23, 2016

A lawn that has been perfectly striped is one of the most serene sights in the world. There’s something about the neat lines and trim edges that makes baseball fields to private lawns look incredible. If you want to create a highly professional finish in your lawn care, striping the grass is the best way to do it.

The look of striping is caused by bending the grass at opposite angles. While this can be accomplished simply by mowing in a careful pattern (as the act of mowing naturally causes the blades of grass to bend), the long-lasting, deep colors of professional striping can only be accomplished with the right tools.

You don’t need a brand new mower in order to achieve these results. With an Exmark striping kit or lawn striper attachment that mounts onto your mower deck, you can achieve stripe perfection while going about your regular mowing routine.

Lawn Striping

Striping the grass is the best way to create a highly professional finish to your lawn.

How Our Stripers Work

Most lawn stripers and rollers, including those offered for your Exmark mower, are designed to be attached or removed, depending on the job you’re preparing to tackle. They’re constructed of the same steel-welded parts and high-grade bolts as the rest of your equipment, which means you get a professional fit and finish. They’re offered in a versatile range of sizes so you can attach your striping kit to everything from a push mower to our top-of-the-line Lazer series.

Once the roller is attached, it automatically presses the grass further and deeper in the direction you’re moving, which means you get more visible results as you mow. You don’t have to adjust the length of the cut—just your movement pattern, as you’ll want to keep your lines straight and your turns tight.

Considerations When Striping a Lawn

While the right equipment will go a long way in helping you achieve the results you want, it’s also important to prep the area accordingly. Grass that is too short won’t bend as well, and your stripes will be difficult to see. Your look will also depend on the type of grass. For example, warm-season grasses, like those you often find in warmer, wetter areas of the South, tend to be more rigid and stripe better.

It might also take some practice before you’re able to get the results you want. Basic stripes are the easiest finish to accomplish, though you may encounter obstacles like trees and shrubs that you have to work around. Over time, you can work up to diagonal lines, criss-cross patterns, or even a checkerboard.

It’s also a good idea to remember that lawn striping is about more than just making things look good—it can also be an invaluable tool as you prepare to continue your lawn maintenance. The straight lines can help guide you as you fertilize and seed. The stripes can also be used to cover bare patches or imperfections in a lawn. You can also step your landscaping up to the next level by using the lines to accentuate a focal piece such as a fountain, outdoor structure, or other lawn showpiece.

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