Exmark Employee Profile: Manalle Armstrong

 April 24, 2016
Manalle Armstrong

Exmark Inside Sales Representative, Manalle Armstrong

When did you start working at Exmark?

January 2007

Where are you from?

Beatrice, Nebraska

Tell us about what you do at Exmark.

My primary responsibility is shipping Exmark products to our distributors and dealers. For this to happen, there are many details that need to be managed. Plus, shipments are dependent on many factors that may or may not be within our ability to control.

What’s been a good, challenging experience for you at Exmark?

Evolving with the times is always a challenge! A number of our programs and processes are highly specialized and customized, so there’s no textbook or training class to help us advance our processes. Instead, we take initiative on changes we feel are important, brainstorm to determine the best solutions, and then implement them. We’re constantly evolving.

What’s your favorite thing about working with Exmark?

My favorite thing about working at Exmark is most definitely the people, including my co-workers, and Exmark distributors, dealers and end-user customers that contact us directly for assistance. It’s very rewarding working with such a diverse and talented group.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons, fishing, visiting with family, watching my sister-in-law play on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker softball team, gardening, working out, hanging out with friends, and watching ‘Husker football games.

If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be?

Exmark General Manager, Judy Altmaier. She is a great mentor. She leads by example and is a woman I admire and respect that’s in an influential position. I aspire to be in a similar position to her someday.

What’s something surprising about you that not many people know?

I have a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development! Another surprising fact that not many people may know is that my husband and I formed our first corporation together when we were teenagers. Today, we are the proud owner operators of five corporations (including a successful full-service landscape maintenance and snow removal company), which collectively employ up to 50 people in peak seasons.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

The Exmark culture is something I’ve longed to be part of since my early youth! My father has been with Exmark for 30 years and the company is one I grew up hearing about and intrinsically loving from an early age.

The most important thing I want our customers to remember is that it takes a village to deliver Exmark products to our end users. Every single person and step in the process is important and it takes the entire Exmark family to, in essence, create the potential quality of life for the distributors, dealers and end-user customers we serve!

Exmark products are preferred two-to-one by landscape professionals because our machines are durable and their cut is phenomenal. We’re successful because we listen to our customers, and the quality of our customer service is unmatched!