Exmark Advantage: Welded Cutting Decks

 April 3, 2016

The heart of a mower is its cutting system, because let’s face it, if a mower can’t cut grass well, what good is it? At Exmark, we know the best mowers start with great cutting systems, so we’ve spent an incredible amount of time testing and refining our cutting deck designs.

Exmark fabricated cutting deck

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscape professional, Exmark’s fabricated cutting decks deliver the strength, durability and cut quality you’re looking for.

One feature that contributes significantly to the performance and durability of Exmark cutting decks is the fabricated, welded construction we employ on cutting decks throughout our line. When compared to the more common stamped steel cutting decks used by competitors, Exmark’s fabricated decks deliver increased strength, stiffness and durability, with our signature quality of cut.

Why are fabricated cutting decks better?

Stamped steel cutting decks are produced by pressing, or stamping, a flat sheet of steel into shape. The stamping process introduces limitations to the thickness and ductility/malleability of the material used. As a result, stamped cutting decks will often use thinner 12- or 13-gauge steel, compared to 7- to 10-gauge steel Exmark uses to produce its fabricated cutting decks.

Exmark UltraCut deck shell

It takes more time and skill to build fabricated cutting decks, but the results are worth the effort.

Exmark cuts and welds these thick, high-strength plates of steel into the form of a cutting deck. In addition, Exmark add reinforcements to may of its cutting decks at points of high stress or wear, such as spindle mounts or at the base of the deck skirt. These reinforcements provide the strength and stiffness necessary to withstand the punishment of commercial mowing, or deliver a lifetime of reliable mowing for a home or acreage owner.

Fabricated construction also allows Exmark to utilize its patented flow-control baffles on a number of its UltraCut cutting decks. Flow-control baffles accelerate airflow under the deck to provide enhanced clipping management, a higher quality of cut and more even clipping discharge.

Learn more about the advantages of Exmark cutting systems at Exmark.com/Exmark-Advantage/Features/Decks.