New Product Announcement: Exmark-Branded Engine Oil

 June 16, 2010

Much like cars, mowers tend to have different personalities. You have your workhorse or your sleek rider. And much like car enthusiasts, there’s a breed of devout mower enthusiasts. On occasion, the two are one and the same. But whatever camp you happen to fall in, you probably know that a mower shouldn’t be treated like a car, especially where engine oil is concerned. Up until now, your options were limited.

Engine oil specifically designed for mowers didn’t exist. What was available was a common blend almost identical to oils manufactured for the automotive industry. Seeing the need for oil specific to the lubrication requirements of the mower, we’re excited to announce our newest product, Exmark-branded engine oil that’s formulated to deliver everything a mower needs.   It’ll help boost performance and, along with regular maintenance, it’ll help extend the life of your machine. You won’t get that out of the car oil blends.

Key benefits of the new oil include:

  • Both SAE 30 and SAE 10W-30 in one bottle.
  • Contains increased levels of zinc and phosphorus for increased lubricity.
  • No Viscosity Index Improvers that tend to shear down in high heat.
  • Synthetic formulation.
  • Gas & Diesel compatible.
  • Anti-corrosion additives.
  • API ‘SL’ and JASO rated with wet clutch compatibility for other machines in your fleet.

Check out our new Exmark engine oil and see what it can do for your Exmark here.