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Employee Spotlight – Steve Finkner

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Exmark fans, meet Steve Finkner. He’s one of our talented engineers who helps make Exmark mowers the very best.

Steve Finkner: Sr. Engineering Manager

Steve’s been around long enough to see his department grow from 4 to 40+ people. But the growth hasn’t had a negative effect on their culture. As a matter of fact, everyone here is just as committed to creating a better product as the very first engineer hired. Steve can vouch for that. He credits it to having Exmark’s core values and beliefs passed down to every new employee walking through the door. This approach happens in every department. That’s why, when speaking to Exmark employees, you quickly notice they’re all on the same page.

Outside Exmark, Steve practices what he engineers by helping his kids run their own landscaping business. They’re out there on hot summer days working hard and finding great satisfaction in giving their clients a great-looking lawn. That kind of experience comes in handy when Steve’s working on a new mower or improving an existing model. He knows first hand what it takes to make a pro’s job and life that much easier.

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