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Monday, March 8th, 2010


This is the second post in Exmark’s ten part Service and Maintenance Series.

Hi there, David Martin here, customer service manager for Exmark.

We can’t stress it enough. Proper lubrication of your equipment is first and foremost in mower maintenance. Since this is a lengthy, not to mention significant, topic we’re breaking up the post into two parts. Here’s the first installation.

The most important oil change for your engine should happen after the first five hours of operating a new mower. Unfortunately, when you’re busy running your equipment, five hours can go by fairly quickly. But changing the oil at this time can increase the longevity of your engine. How? This “break-in oil” will typically break down quicker than normal, caused by the enormous amount of shearing force in the engine as parts begin to seat in the first few hours of operation. Ignoring this first important oil change can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Your first hydraulic oil and filter change should be at 200 hours and then changed at maximum every 500 hours after that if you are using genuine Exmark Hydraulic Oil. For Mobil 1 oil, the maximum is 250 hours. This will provide the ultimate protection for your equipment to keep running smoothly throughout the season. Ignoring this recommendation will cause your equipment to work harder and run hotter.

Your mowing conditions should also help guide the maintenance schedule for your machine. If you regularly mow hills or run bagging equipment, consider changing both the hydraulic fluid and engine oil much more frequently than the manufacturer’s maximum recommendations.

Next, we’ll discuss your oil options, so please come back soon.