New for 2020: Exmark 96-Inch Flex-Wing Lazer Z X-Series Mowers

 February 4, 2020

If you’ve got a lot of area to mow and want to cut it quickly and efficiently, you want a wide-area mower. And if you want superb cut quality, durability and operator comfort, you want a Lazer Z X-Series Now, you can have both, an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series with a 96-inch deck.  Landscape professionals can now get increased productivity in a gasoline powered mower, providing the productivity to finish jobs quickly and more profitably.

Productive – and Versatile

The 2020 96-inch Lazer Z X-Series can mow up to 9 acres per hour. It’s equipped with a 48-inch center deck and two 24” wing decks. Both wing decks flex up to 20 degrees up and 15 degrees down, minimizing scalping a letting you mow across a variety of terrain. The UltraCut Hydraulic lifts let you raise and lower the wing decks during trailering. Because we know trailer space is often at a premium for your crews, the mower fits on a trailer designed for a 72-inch mower.

The UltraCut flex-wing decks use four matching blades that deliver the signature Exmark cut quality. Matching blades make servicing the mower easier. A factory-installed mulch kit delivers unmatched mulching performance, and lets you mulch some, all or none of the clippings.

The 96-inch Lazer Z X-Series is a great solution for anyone mowing large, open space. Municipalities and park districts, universities, corporate campuses and large apartment complexes are good examples of areas that a wide area zero turn would be a good fit, as would large acreages and residential properties.

Enhanced Comfort for All-Day Operation

At Exmark, we believe comfort enhances productivity. Reduced exposure to bumps and vibration can increase operator comfort. Isolation mounds under the Lazer Z X-Series seat base provide three-dimensional isolation from vibration. The full-suspension operator seat provides all-day comfort thanks to Exmark’s scissor link ball-bearing suspension system, Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric base, and custom seat cushion foam.

Built for Durability and Longevity

Air-cooled Kohler EFI commercial engines power the 96-inch Lazer Z X-Series. Exmark engineers designed additional features to reduce operating temperatures, including an external oil cooler. An engine hood designed to screen intake air provides an ample supply of cool, clean air while reducing potential debris build-up around cooling fins.

Patented RED Technology works with the Kohler engine’s electronic governor, now utilizing an electronic throttle body (ETB), to virtually eliminate the governor lag associated with traditional mechanical governors. This increased responsiveness allows operation at a lower, more fuel-efficient RPM level without compromising productivity or cut quality. RED Technology constantly monitors machine health, delivering on-screen service alerts and productivity data to maximize uptime and encourage proper maintenance of the machine.

Optimized weight balance in chassis to provides stable, responsive handling in varied conditions. The chassis is constructed of formed, welded and fully reinforced 3/16” walled, high-strength tubular steel, with a cast engine cradle for ultimate long-term durability. Exmark’s unitized hydro pump and motors eliminate hoses to provide maximum efficiency and reliability in the field.

Interested in adding a 96-inch Lazer Z X-Series to your fleet? Talk to your local Exmark dealer.