Expanding Your Mowing Operation with an Exmark Stand-On Spreader-Sprayer

 February 6, 2019

If you’re considering adding services like this to your operations, you’ll want to invest in equipment that is easy to operate and makes getting started a snap. Exmark’s commercial stand-on spreader-sprayer checks all these boxes and more. It features intuitive controls and advanced lean-to-steer technology with outstanding stability. The spreader-sprayer operates at up to 5.5 mph, making it well suited to a variety of property sizes and terrains.

For small commercial mowers looking to expand services and improve profitability, moving into fertilizing, weed prevention, over-seeding and other non-mowing tasks can be a great first stop. These are services that can either be offered as a stand-alone service or added to seasonal contracts at an additional cost. These are services that many homeowners will find valuable, even if they mow their own lawns, and they are generally affordable. 

We know improved productivity is one way small businesses maximize productivity. The spreader-sprayer was designed with productivity in mind.  It has an adjustable spray width between five and 11 feet. An agitation system lets you mix chemicals in the 20-gallon tank, or stir solutions that may have separated overnight, saving time and minimizing contact with pesticides. Spray rate is also adjustable, ensuring you get full coverage when operating at top speed.  If your client portfolio includes commercial properties with landscaped features, optional spray hoses allow you to fertilize or weed plantings, beds, tiered landscapes, and hard to reach areas without additional trips or hand-held equipment.

The seed hopper holds up to 175 pounds. Because a carrier above the spray tank will accommodate an additional 50-pound bag, even large areas can be covered without having to return to refill. The spread width can be adjusted from four feet up to 22 feet, ensuring you get the right coverage with seeds or fertilizer.

Like all our mowers and turf management equipment, the stand-on spreader-sprayer is built to last. We designed it with an eye to minimizing downtime and maintenance. A compact design makes it easy to trailer and transport.

Whether used alone or in conjunction with a core aerator, our commercial lawn spreader-sprayer allows small mowing operations to quickly expand their list of services and improve both productivity and profitability. To get a demo or learn about special offers, see your local Exmark dealer.