Expanding Your Lawn Care Business with an Exmark Slicer Seeder

 February 19, 2019

Many small lawn operations would like to grow, but struggle to balance service and equipment needs. You may want to be able to offer a variety of lawn services, but that doesn’t mean you need the budget for multiple pieces of equipment. With an Exmark Slicer Seeder you don’t need multiple machines, because with each pass it can handle verticutting, dethatching and over-seeding.

These three tasks are important for healthy, beautiful lawns. Dethatching promotes healthy growth. While a thatch layer insulates lawns and makes it resilient to foot traffic, more than half an inch of thatch can cause root systems to dry out, create drainage problems, and even lead to mower scalping. Verticutting breaks up the thatch layer and improves the flow of oxygen and water to the lawn’s roots. Over-seeding at the same time creates a thicker lawn, as new growth fills in thin spots. Combining these three tasks into one saves you significant time.

The 20” Exmark Slicer Seeder is easy to use, maneuverable, and fits in tight spaces. At a top speed of 4 mph, you’ll cover a lot of ground, fast. The hopper holds up to 40 pounds of seed, and you can adjust the dispersal rate for light or heavy over-seeding, depending on lawn conditions. Ground speed regulates seed flow, ensuring even seed delivery even if you speed up or slow down.

A Subaru EX27 commercial-grade engine provides the power and fuel-efficient performance professionals depend on. High-carbon steel blades easily remove thatch while cutting slits up to 1” deep. You’ll get the right seed-to-soil ratio for germination. The slicer blades are easy to adjust for grass type, seed type, and depth of the thatch layer. And because it’s an Exmark, the Slicer Seeder has been engineered for reliable performance season after season.

Verticutting two to three times per season can be beneficial for most lawns and regions of the country. In the spring, this helps to remove dead organic material from the lawn to promote healthy growth. Mid-season, verticutting allows more sun, nutrients and water to reach the soil, so you have a healthy platform for strong growth. In the fall, verticutting and over-seeding are basic maintenance tasks that help to promote good growth in the following spring.

A Slicer Seeder can extend your season, so you work earlier in the spring and later in the fall. The benefits of verticutting, dethatching and over-seeding are easy to explain, so it’s a service that doesn’t require a lot of selling. Many customers want to deal with one company for all of their lawncare needs, so offering verticutting as a service can make your business more attractive to consumers. Also, the fact that the machine performs three tasks with each pass will save you time and help improve your profitability.

Is the Slicer Seeder a good fit for your lawncare operation? Find your local Exmark dealer and request a demo.