Exmark Stand-On Aerator: New 24” Model for 2018

 February 6, 2018

Exmark’s Stand-On Aerator delivers industry-leading performance and maneuverability. Now, we’re adding a compact machine for lawn care professionals aerating smaller properties. The 24” Stand-On Aerator makes quick work of smaller lawns with less effort than a 21” walk-behind aerator.

With its simple, intuitive controls, all Exmark Stand-On Aerators are easy to operate and maneuver. Ergonomic handles relieve operator stress, allowing crew members to work comfortably over longer periods. Isolation bumpers on the operator platform reduce bumps and vibration, helping keep operators comfortable.  Intuitive controls mean less time training your crew, and more time working.

The core depth can easily be adjusted, without tools, from 0.5” to 5” in half inch increments, allowing for consistent core depth across the entire property. Tines are engaged and disengaged through a foot-activated hydraulic line, leaving the operator’s hands clear to maneuver the aerator. And the aerator’s zero-turning radius provides extreme maneuverability around trees, shrubs and other obstacles.

With its hydro drive system, the 24” Stand-On Aerator reduces horsepower requirements and improves operating efficiency. A Smart Controller provides in-depth and real-time intelligence, including machine hours, machine health, and maintenance reminders, on a LCD screen. It also allows the operator to control tine depth electronically, rather than stopping and manually adjusting the tines.

The 24” model will easily fit through 36” gates, providing crews access to areas that previously needed to be aerated with a 21” walk-behind aerator. On smaller lots, you’ll maintain maneuverability while increasing productivity over a walk behind. With speeds of up to 6.8 mph, your landscape crews will make short work of aerating tasks.

Adding additional lawn care services can be a great way to grow your business and profitability, especially when the equipment drives increased productivity and efficiency on the part of your crews. If you’re interested in adding either the 30” or the 24” Stand-On Aerator to your equipment fleet, talk to your local Exmark dealer.