Maintaining and Replacing Exmark Mower Blades

 May 17, 2017

Just about every lawn mower maintenance guide in existence outlines the importance of regular care for your mower blades. Not only will a freshly sharpened blade cut the grass faster (and with less damage to the leaf), but good blade care means your machine will operate smoothly and more safely.

But what, exactly, does good blade maintenance mean? When it comes to purchasing replacements and sharpening the blades, how should you begin?

Balancing and Sharpening Mower Blades

Balancing your mower blades is a must when you want a level cut regardless of how sloped or challenging the terrain you’re driving over. Just as a car’s tires can become unbalanced over time, so can mower blades. You can usually tell when this is happening by a heavy buildup of grass on one side of the blade but not the other. Excessive vibration as you mow can also indicate your blades need to be balanced.

Exmark mower blades

Only Original Exmark blades deliver the Exmark’s signature cut quality.

Sharpening your mower blades should be done anywhere between 8 and 25 hours of mower use. Personal mowers need sharpening only once or twice a season, but professional mowing companies will need to work this in much more often (weekly or bi-weekly). A mower’s blades need to be sharpened when you get a rough cut that leaves the edges of the grass uneven and jagged.

Cleaning the blades after each use provides you with an opportunity to examine blade edges for nicks, dents, dings, and other signs of damage.

The Right Mower Blades

We recommend OEM replacement blades for a number of reasons. By relying on the parts we manufacture, you can be sure that you’re getting a blade that fits your Exmark mower exactly. Exmark prides itself on a high level of craftsmanship using top-quality materials, which is something you aren’t always guaranteed when buying generic.

Other reasons for choosing OEM blades include Exmark Support Services. Our team is available to help with troubleshooting, installation questions, and other issues related to mower maintenance. If you’re working with a blade we aren’t familiar with, we may not be able to help you keep things running smoothly. Additionally, any damage to your mower caused by generic blades may no longer fall under warranty. For peace of mind, always replace manufacturer parts with OEM options.