Seasonal Maintenance with an Exmark Rotary Broom

 December 22, 2016

If you want to extend your lawn care business beyond mowing season, a rotary broom could be just the tool. Rotary broomshave a rotating brush head and are ideal for seasonal clean up and maintenance beyond sweeping a walkway.  You get much greater power and speed than you would from a traditional broom. And it’s not just for sidewalks and paved paths: The Exmark Rotary Broom moves over difficult terrain with ease.

A 36” brush width means you can cover a large surface area quickly and efficiently. The easy-to-operate controls offer streamlined operation: The two-lever control format allows you to use one hand to engage the engine, while the other operates the broomhead. Patented power steering, thumb latch angle adjustments, multiple forward and reverse operations, and easy head adjustment options all contribute to the sleek design. The addition of a multi-season air filter allows you to adjust your broom to the weather, regardless of how hot or cold it is.

Fall Use

Exmark Rotary Broom

Dethatching can be a tough job to perform, which is one of the reasons Exmark developed its 36-inch Rotary Broom. It makes dethatching much quicker and easier to complete.

No more raking or chasing leaves with a blower. A slight adjustment to lift (or lower) the broom head means you can use the rotary broom to brush leaves and other debris away from lawns. Switch to the yellow turf bristle discs to dethatch cool season grasses. You can also easily clear dirt and other debris from paved paths, driveways and sidewalks.

Winter Uses

A rotary broom can help clear away hard-packed snow and ice, which can become difficult to remove in very cold conditions or when there has been a large amount of foot traffic over the area. When salt and traditional methods don’t get the job done, the more aggressive concrete/ice bristles allow you to physically break up the compacted snow without damaging the ground underneath. Accessories like an add-on snow cab and tire chain kits allow you to operate your equipment safely and comfortably regardless of how cold it is outside. With a rotary broom, you may be able to leverage existing customers and expand into clearing driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.

Spring/Summer Uses

In spring and summer, a rotary broom quickly sweeps away unsightly clippings from sidewalks and driveways, as well as clean up debris from summer storms. If you need to dethatch warm season grasses, the rotary broom comes in handy once again. The easy steering and controls allow you to focus your attention exactly where it needs to go, prepping lawns and landscapes for a new season of growth and vitality.

Why Choose a Rotary Broom?

Landscape care can be a four season business with the right tools. From leaf cleanup and dethatching to snow removal, a rotary broom allows you to take expand your outdoor maintenance offerings through fall and winter, while providing professional results to your clients.