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Make a Difference in Your Community with Project Evergreen’s “Our Winning Green Space” Contest

There is still time to enter Project Evergreen’s “Our Winning Green Space” contest and have a chance to win a top-of-the-line Exmark mower package to maintain much-needed athletic and recreational ...
raking a lawn in the fall

Why You Should Rake and Bag or Mulch Your Leaves in the Fall

As leaves fall, you may be tempted to just leave them, especially if your property has a lot of trees. For a variety of reasons, this is a bad idea. ...
fall mowing with an Exmark mower

When to Stop Mowing in the Fall

When to stop mowing in the fall is a perennial question. Some homeowners stop as soon as the frost hits, but as warm weather is pushing frost dates from early- ...
Onboard Intelligence Platforms

RED Technology: How Onboard Intelligence Platforms Benefit Commercial Mowers

As commercial mowing season winds down, you may be evaluating your fleet, deciding if it’s time to retire an old mower, or whether a good season this year means you ...
Fall Mower Maintenance

Fall Mower Maintenance and Winterizing

As mowing season winds down and you think about winter storage, take the time to do some basic fall maintenance. Whether you own one mower or an entire fleet, you’ll ...
Electronic Fuel Injection Mowers

Why Electronic Fuel Injection Improves Lawn Mowers

For landscape professionals looking to cut high fuel costs, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) mowers can be a great starting point. Whether on your car or your mower, fuel injection engines ...