Get More from Your Mower: The Exmark StandOn

 June 20, 2017

Want to get more from your commercial walk-behind mower? The Exmark StandOn — a sulky designed to attach to larger walk-behind mowers, like the Turf Tracer S-Series and the Viking,  can increase your productivity and boost your bottom line. Using the innovative QuikMount system, your walk-behind mower transforms into an easy-to-operate, comfortable, stand and steer mower.

Exmark StandOn

Walk-behind mowers are great for a lot of reasons: they’re easy to use, have high maneuverability, give you more precision, and can cost less than their larger, riding mower counterparts. But a long day of mowing with a walk behind can be an exhausting proposition.

With a stand-on sulky, you get more flexibility with your equipment. It easily attaches to the back of your Exmark walk-behind mower. We use the same high-quality materials to build the stand-on attachment, and when we designed it we kept ease of attachment in mind. The spring-loaded latch is designed for quick access, making it easy to transition from standing mower to walk behind as you move between different sized properties.

Once the sulky is installed, you’ll get a comfortable ride. The one-wheel design makes it easy to step on and off as needed.

Benefits of Mower Attachments

It’s important to realize that when you invest in a piece of machinery like an Exmark lawn mower, it can be customized to better fit your operation. Every lawn and every mower operator is unique, which means customization is key to getting the maximum value for your investment. By adding attachments instead of buying two separate machines, you may be able to reduce equipment expenditures.

Whether you’re in the market for a stand-on, are interested in a mulch kit, or want to add a striper for a neat finish, Exmark has you covered. Our mower accessories and add-ons can help you expand your fleet and services.