Understanding Productivity

 April 9, 2015
Exmark mower production costs

Over a mower’s lifetime, its up-front cost represents just 16 percent of the total cost an owner will pay.

Whether you’re a landscape professional or the owner of an acreage, the productivity of your mower matters. And while productivity isn’t the only way to judge a great commercial mower (things like durability, comfort and cut quality are very important too), the knowledge of the productivity potential of the mower you’re using, or the mowers you’re considering, is valuable information to have. In fact, on a day-to-day basis a mower’s productivity is likely more important than its purchase price for many users, especially those earning their living maintaining lawns.

How do you determine the productivity of your mower or turf care equipment? It’s relatively easy to do if you know the size of your equipment and how fast it is designed to run.

Exmark publishes equipment productivity charts for its mowers and turf management equipment on its website. There, you can compare the productivity of the equipment you’re using today with the productivity you can achieve with a new Exmark machine.

For example, here is the productivity chart for mowers:


Click to enlarge.

While productivity numbers at 100 percent efficiency may look impressive on the sales floor, it’s virtually impossible to actually achieve 100 percent efficiency in the real world. Most folks mow at closer to 80 percent efficiency, so Exmark includes that number on its productivity chart to give you a better idea of the real world productivity you can expect from your new mower.

Learn more about what you can expect from the best commercial mowers and turf management equipment at Exmark.com.