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The Importance of Keeping Mower Blades Sharp

March 26th, 2015

At Exmark, we understand the importance of making sure your lawnmower is in tip-top shape in preparation for the upcoming landscaping season. One of the top maintenance items for any rotary mower is to ensure blades are properly sharpened, balanced and in good working order.

Exmark blades

Sharp, balanced blades are an essential component of cut quality. Exmark offers a variety of blades to optimize performance for different cutting conditions.

Why Sharp Blades Matter

When you are shaving your face in preparation for the day, think about the difference between the times you use a brand-new razor blade and the times you are trying to get one last shave out of an old blade. When using an old blade, your skin is more prone to cuts, infection, and irritation. When using a brand-new blade, you get a nice, clean shave.

The same thing happens with your grass. If the blades are dull or nicked, the lawn will get cut in a ragged way, causing it to suffer damage and become more susceptible to pests and other diseases. But if the blades are nice and sharp, the grass will get a clean cut, with greatly reduced damage or stress.

Blade Inspection

Mower Blade

Inspect and sharpen or replace mower blades at the start of each cutting season.

At the beginning of the landscaping season (and after roughly 8-10 hours of service) do a thorough inspection of your mower’s blades. Signs of a dull blade include bends, nicks, and/or dents. You’ll want to ensure the blades are properly sharpened and balanced. In addition to the physical inspection of the blades, do a quick inspection of the lawn before you begin your landscaping — clear away any rocks, sticks, or other debris in the immediate area. As you mow, keep an eye out for these blade-nicking items.

Properly Sharpening Your Blades

Keep in mind these few basic tips for sharpening your blade:

  • Wear protective gear, such as safety glasses
  • Disconnect the spark plugs
  • Remove the blade (instructions are found in your owner’s manual)
  • Use a metal file or sharpening stone
  • If using a file, run it in the direction of the blade’s angle — never file back and forth
  • Work in one direction only; blades usually have an angle of 45 degrees
  • Consult your owner?s manual for procedures specific to your mower

Depending on usage, replace your lawn mower’s blade(s) every 1-3 years. Always use OEM blades designed for your specific mower. Universal blades may save you a couple dollars, but can cause potential safety issues from improper mounting and/or the type of metal used to construct the blade.

Properly Balancing Your Blades

Having properly balanced blades is every bit as important as blade sharpness. An unbalanced blade causes stress on the engine and cutting deck due to vibration.

After you sharpen the blade, test its balance with a blade-balancing tool. If you don’t have access to this specialized tool, you can hammer a nail partway into a wall in your garage and hang the blade from it (using the center hole). If the blade hangs horizontally, it is in balance. If one side drops, remove excess material from the side it leans to, using a file or sharpening stone.

Professional Sharpening

If you follow these recommendations and have the proper tools and safety gear on-hand, sharpening your blades is a relatively easy task. However, if you don’t have the proper gear, or don’t feel comfortable doing this type of maintenance yourself, your local Exmark dealer can quickly sharpen and balance blades for you.

Bottom line: using sharp blades will help you have a perfectly mowed lawn, every time.


Exmark Brings EFI Propane Innovation to the Vantage S-Series Stand-On Rider

March 19th, 2015

New Kohler EFI propane power plant can reduce fuel expenditures by up to 40 percent

The Vantage S-Series Propane joins Exmark's existing EFI propane Lazer Z and Turf Tracer models.

The Vantage S-Series Propane joins Exmark’s existing EFI propane Lazer Z and Turf Tracer models.

Exmark has unveiled the latest addition to its industry leading line of EFI propane commercial mowers — the Vantage S-Series Propane 52-inch stand-on rider. The new model uses a state-of-the-art Kohler EFI propane powerplant that delivers significant increases in fuel economy, performance and reliability along with being the most environmentally friendly engine option available today.

The new stand-on machine joins Exmark’s existing EFI propane Lazer Z and Turf Tracer models, providing the broadest product line-up in the industry. Landscape professionals now have an increasing number of options that can precisely meet their needs and enjoy the reliability, economic and environmental benefits of EFI propane power.

Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters, said an increasing number of landscape contractors are turning to propane power as a way to reduce costs, increase profitability and reduce impact on the environment.

“Time and again we hear that fuel is one of our customers’ largest expenses, and increasing fuel costs have put a serious dent on the profitability of many contractors across the country. More and more of these folks are turning to EFI propane powered equipment as a way to reduce their fuel bill and get more work done with fewer resources.”

The Kohler PCV740 EFI propane engine delivers increased fuel efficiency, performance and ease-of-starting.

The Kohler PCV740 EFI propane engine delivers increased fuel efficiency, performance and ease-of-starting.

The Vantage S-Series Propane machine features the groundbreaking Kohler Command Pro PCV740 EFI propane powerplant. The engine’s automotive-style closed-loop EFI system delivers significantly increased fuel economy, reliability and improved performance, combined with easy, no-choke starting. It precisely adjusts fuel/air mixture settings in real-time for optimal performance at any altitude, any temperature, in any conditions.

The efficiency of the EFI system reduces fuel consumption by up to 40 percent compared to carbureted propane engines.

The Vantage S-Series Propane model is available with a 52-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck. The deck features Exmark’s patented Flow Control baffles to provide an unmatched quality of cut, and the welded steel deck construction features 7-gauge high-strength steel reinforced spindle mounting rings for top-notch strength and durability. Blade spindle assemblies feature rugged cast aluminum housings and zero-maintenance sealed heavy-duty bearings to maximize service life, even in the most demanding conditions.

Learn more about the 2015 Exmark Vantage S-Series Propane stand-on commercial mower at Exmark.com.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Tune Your Lawn Mower?

March 18th, 2015

Believe it or not, this Friday is the first day of spring. Along with the blossoming trees and pretty flowers comes the growing grass. If you own a landscaping or lawn care company, your busy season is fast approaching. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a successful season of cutting grass is to service your mowers.

Exmark Engine Oil

Oil is the life blood of your engine, so it makes sense to start the season off with a fresh oil change.

Here’s a quick list of ways to know when it’s time to tune your mower:

Service Tip 1: A New Season
Before every new mowing season, you should take your mower in for a tune-up. This doesn’t just apply to lawn-care companies. Whether you mow hundreds of acres a day or do your own yard once a week, every mower needs a tune-up before a new season of mowing. Lawn mowers are the workhorses of any landscaping company and need to be in perfect condition if you want to stay profitable. Using old, worn-out, faulty, or damaged equipment will cost your company time and money; two things you can’t afford to waste.

Even if your mower has only been idle for 1 or 2 months, that’s enough time for fuel to go bad, oil to become contaminated, blades to rust, or other problems to crop up. Consult your owners’ manual for a list of seasonal maintenance items for your specific machine.

Service Tip 2: A Poor Cut
If you or your employees have been using the same mower for more than a couple of months, you are probably well aware of how it cuts as well as its overall capabilities. If you notice a sudden decrease in cutting performance — areas of the grass no longer looking uniform and smooth but appearing uneven or chopped — your blade could stand to be sharpened.

As long as the decrease in performance is not accompanied by a sluggish engine or poor power, taking your blade to be sharpened will return your mower to mint condition. Look for a more detailed story on sharpening and balancing mower blades here next week.

Service Tip 3: Engine Trouble
Your mower should have its engine serviced at least once a year. And while annual tune-ups are great, how do you know if something is wrong in-between recommended maintenance?

Pay attention to the way your mower’s engine sounds. A sputtering or uneven idle can mean the fuel-to-air mixture is not balanced properly. A decrease in power can mean filters are clogged. Excess exhaust smoke or strange smells might mean oil is mixing with the fuel, and could be a sign of larger issues inside the engine. Unless you know engines inside and out (literally), these problems are best left to the professionals.

Service Tip 4: Dirt and Debris
Is your fleet of mowers dirty? Are your mowers covered in mud, grass, branches, and other messes? If so, it’s time to tune and clean your fleet. When you run a landscaping business, maximizing efficiency and cutting extra costs are both musts. Excess dirt and debris, though seemingly insignificant, reduce mower efficiency. A bit of mud near the axles, grass stuck to the blade, and branches jammed in the bodywork will each have a small impact on how much fuel you use and how long it takes to mow a given lawn. Add up all of those small issues and you will see a significant increase in not just running costs, but also machine wear over the course of a season.

DIY or Send It In?
Depending on how familiar you are with your mower, you may be able to do much of the maintenance on your own. Here are just a few of the things you should be able to do at home or in your shop:

  • Changing your mower’s oil is a relatively straightforward process. Most mowers have an oil tank that can be emptied by removing a cap (in a process very similar to changing a car or truck’s oil). Just make sure to do this outside or over a cloth and bucket.
  • Changing an air filter is simple enough for anyone to do. Most mowers, whether commercial or walk-behind, have easy-to-access filters mounted near the engine. All you typically need to do is remove the cap, pull out the old filter, and insert a new one. Just make sure you insert it in the proper direction, and consult your engine owner?s manual with any questions.
  • Replacing a spark plug is easy, assuming you have a spark plug socket wrench. Just make sure plugs you install are properly gapped for your specific mower.
Scan the QR code on the model plate on your Exmark to be taken to maintenance schedules for your machine on MyExmark.com.

Scan the QR code on the model plate on your Exmark to be taken to maintenance schedules for your machine on MyExmark.com.

More involved maintenance is often better left to a qualified service professional. If you don’t feel comfortable tackling something on your own, don’t do it. You will lose more money fixing a mistake than sending it to the dealer to begin with.

Saving Money with Regular Maintenance
Here at Exmark, we make a wide range of modern mowers and lawn care tools that dramatically increase efficiency to help you get more work done using fewer resources. Whether you have a top of the line Exmark mower, or an older machine, maintaining what you have is one of the best ways to save money. Make sure you tune your mower this spring and repeat as often as necessary. Doing so will not only save you time and money, but will prevent more costly problems in the future.

Farm Journal Magazine to Give Away Exmark Utility Vehicle

March 5th, 2015

You could be the lucky winner of a new top-of-the-line Exmark 700S utility vehicle!

We’ve teamed up with Farm Journal magazine to give a brand new Exmark 700S Utility Vehicle away to one lucky winner.

To enter, visit http://agweb.com/win-an-exmark and complete the official registration form.

You can also enter the drawing by mailing a postcard addressed to:

Farm Journal Media
Attn: Win an Exmark 700S Utility Vehicle Sweepstakes
10600 W. Higgins Road
Suite 610
Rosemont, IL  60018

The sweepstakes begins March 16, 2015, and entries will be accepted through April 30, 2015. View official contest rules and conditions at http://agweb.com/win-an-exmark.

Exmark Launches “Take Back Your Weekends” Video Contest

March 2nd, 2015

Show your ultimate weekend for a chance to win trips, outdoor gear or an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower

Exmark today announced the upcoming launch of its “Take Back Your Weekends” video contest. Set to begin April 1, 2015, the contest will run through June 30, 2015.TBYW

Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters, said the contest gives entrants the opportunity to show what they would do with the extra free time a more productive mower would give them. “Exmark is the brand landscape professionals purchase two-to-one over the next best selling brand. The increased productivity Exmark mowers deliver is a professional’s competitive advantage. For a home or acreage owner, Exmark productivity allows them to spend less time on lawn maintenance and spend more time enjoying the benefits of a beautifully maintained property.”

Entrants are required to submit a video depicting how lawn mowers can save time along with a story on what they might do with the extra time. Videos must be original and not previously-published work, and will be judged on three weighted criteria: Creativity (50 percent); Authenticity of the person/story presented (30 percent); and, Demonstration of lawn mower’s time saving ability to “take back your weekends” (20 percent).

One lucky winner will take home the grand prize – a top-of-the-line Exmark Lazer Z X-Series commercial zero-turn riding mower valued at more than $12,000. First prize is a Delaware River fishing trip with professional tournament fisherman, Mike Iaconelli. Other prizes include:

  • Second Prize – 1 winner – The Masters Golf and Spa experience trip for the winner and one guest.
  • Hunting Pack Prize – 5 winners – Hunting gear package including a ScentLock Technologies backpack, Buck Knives Omni Hunter knife, Nikon MONARCH 10×42 camouflage binoculars and a $400 gift card.
  • Fishing Pack Prize – 5 winners – Fishing gear package including a Buck Knives Freshwater Splizzors multi-tool, Abu Garcia Revo spinning wheel, Abu Garcia Verito spinning rod, Berkley Trilene XL monofilament line, PowerBait tackle bag, a variety of DT lures and VMC jigheads and hooks, and more.
  • Golf Pack Prize – 5 winners – Nikon COOLSHOT 40i rangefinder.

Visit Exmark.com/weekends for complete “Take Back Your Weekends” contest rules, or to enter a video in the contest.

Spring Mower Maintenance Tips

February 19th, 2015

While much of the country is still locked in winter weather, it’s not too early to prepare your mowers for the coming of spring. While Exmark machines are built to last, even in the toughest conditions, they’ll last a lot longer with with proper maintenance.

Here are a few ways to help your equipment perform at its best this spring:

Exmark Engine Oil

Oil is the life blood of your engine, so it makes sense to start the season off with a fresh oil change.

  • Change the gas and oil soon after taking out your mower. Gas that has been sitting in the tank throughout the winter degrades in quality and can cause hard starting and/or inconsistent performance. Old, contaminated oil can cause serious engine damage as well, so when in doubt, change it out.
  • Check the blades before any big job. Few parts can affect cut quality and mower performance as dramatically as sharp, balanced blades. With a little practice, you can change a set of blades and be mowing in less than five minutes, and the higher quality cut quality and increased productivity will make it well worth your time.
  • Clean your mower inside and out. Dirt and grass clippings can build up and reduce the performance of your machine. Minimize the use of water for cleaning whenever possible. Instead, use compressed air. A clean cutting deck offers improved air flow and capacity, allowing you to get more work done with better results.
  • Exmark blades

    Sharp, balanced blades are an essential component of cut quality. Exmark offers a variety of blades to optimize performance for different cutting conditions.

    Consult your owners manual for specific service requirements and schedules of your machine. This is essential for proper care of your equipment. Even if you’re a mower maintenance guru, the difference in maintenance procedures and timeframes from one model to the next can be surprising.

  • If something does go wrong, or you have questions or doubts about the maintenance you’re performing, don’t hesitate to call a service professional at your local Exmark dealer. A few well spoken words of wisdom can save a do-it-yourselfer from hours of headache.

Bottom line, it’s not hard to keep your mower maintained, and doing so will maximize the performance and durability of your machine.




February 19, 2015

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Exmark and Hunt Brothers Pizza Announce Inaugural ‘Mow Like a Pro’ Sweepstakes

February 5th, 2015

With spring just around the corner, Exmark and Hunt Brothers Pizza are helping six lucky winners give their yards the five-star treatment in the new “Mow Like a Pro” sweepstakes, which runs February 16 through April 30, 2015.

One lucky winner will take home the grand prize, a top-of-the-line Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn rider.

One lucky winner will take home the grand prize, a top-of-the-line Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn rider.

The grand prize is a top-of-the-line Exmark Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn riding mower with a 60-inch UltraCut cutting deck. The first prize winner will take home a new Exmark Pioneer S-Series zero-turn riding mower, while the second prize winner will win an Exmark Quest S-Series Front Steer zero-turn riding mower. Finally, three lucky winners will take home the third prize, an Exmark Commercial 30 walk-behind mower.

“We know Hunt Brothers Pizza fans enjoy the outdoors, and out convenience store partners serve our products to landscapers on a regular basis,” said Keith Solsvig, vice president of marketing for Hunt Brothers Pizza. “We’re giving our fans a chance to ‘mow like a pro’ and win these great Exmark tools for a perfectly manicured lawn. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a hobbyist, these winners will be the envy of the neighborhood.”

The Quest S-Series Front Steer is Exmark's first steering wheel-equipped zero-turn riding mower.

The Quest S-Series Front Steer is Exmark’s first steering wheel-equipped zero-turn riding mower.

Other great prizes include 100 pairs of  safety sunglasses, and 100 pairs of work gloves. Fans of Hunt Brothers Pizza on Facebook and Twitter can follow along for an additional chance to win great Hunt Brothers Pizza giveaway items.

“Exmark is a natural fit for the Hunt Brothers Pizza ‘Mow Like a Pro’ sweepstakes,” said Exmark’s Daryn Walters. “Hunt Brothers Pizza customers can benefit from the productivity an Exmark mower delivers. A more productive mower reduces the time and effort necessary to have a beautifully manicured property.”

To enter, buy a specially market whole pizza from Hunt Brothers Pizza between February 16 and April 30, and receive a Mow Like a Pro entry code. Go to the sweepstakes page on HuntBrothersPizza.com, or Facebook.com/HuntBrothersPizza, and submit the entry code. Entry codes are also available by mail. See details on entry along with contest rules and regulations on the sweepstakes entry page. No purchase is necessary to win.




February 5, 2015

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How to choose the right Exmark for you

January 22nd, 2015

When it comes time to purchase your next new mower, there are a lot of factors to consider, but making a good decision can go a long way toward making lawn care easier and less time intensive. Here’s a short guide to help you pick the right Exmark mower for your needs.


For larger properties, a zero-turn rider like this Lazer Z X-Series model is ideal.

For larger properties, a zero-turn rider like this Lazer Z X-Series model is ideal.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a new Exmark mower is budget. If you’re looking at Exmark mowers, you probably already understand you need the most durable, dependable mower you can afford. Exmark builds mowers with a wide range of price and performance levels, and budget is an important consideration when determining which model is right for you. Exmark also offers a number of financing options that can make getting the Exmark mower you need. Learn more about current special offers at Exmark.com.

The Exmark Commercial 30 walk-behind mower has widespread appeal, from landscape professionals, to homeowners that understand the value of their free time.

The Exmark Commercial 30 walk-behind mower has widespread appeal, from landscape professionals, to homeowners that understand the value of their free time.

What will you be mowing?

Once you’ve established your budget guidelines, it’s time to consider what it is you’ll be using the mower for. A walk-behind mower such as our Commercial 21 or Commercial 30 models are ideal for homeowners mowing properties of 1/2-acre or less. If gate access to a property isn’t an issue, some landscape professionals may opt for a larger walk-behind or stand-on machine for sub-1/2-acre properties.

For larger properties, most landscape professionals choose a stand-on mower such as our Vantage S-Series, or a zero-turn riding mower like our Lazer Z X-Series or Navigator models. The zero-turn rider has also achieved widespread adoption among home and acreage owners looking to ease the burden of lawn care and get more of their free time back. Popular models among home and acreage owners include the Quest S-Series Front Steer, Pioneer S-Series, and Lazer Z E-Series machines.

Your first stop — Exmark.com

The new Exmark website has a number of resources that can help you dial in on the ideal mower for you, including the ability to compare selected models, find a local Exmark dealer, request personalized quotes on selected models, or schedule an on-site demonstration.

An online product selector allows you to use filters to dial into the Exmark models that fit your criteria. Filter options include equipment type,

The Exmark online product selector uses filters to zero-in on the right Exmark machines for you.

The Exmark online product selector uses filters to zero-in on the right Exmark machines for you.

fuel type, cutting deck size, price range and payment range. Once you’ve entered your criteria, the site delivers relevant models and configurations, and allows you to request a personalized price quote be sent to your email address.

The Exmark dealer advantage

Mowing conditions and needs vary across the country, so your local Exmark dealer is a great resource when it comes time to select a new mower. Nobody is more closely in-touch with the types of turf and environmental conditions in your area, and they can quickly and easily help you understand your options. Plus, you can schedule a demonstration online for one or more Exmark machines, which can give you a first-hand perspective on the mower size and features that will work best for your needs.





January 22, 2015

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Exmark Introduces New Accessories for Navigator

January 8th, 2015

Available rotary broom and powered hopper lift options increase ease-of-use, multi-season utility

Exmark has expanded the accessories available for the Navigator dedicated bagging riding mower to include a rotary broom attachment, as well as a powered hopper lift system. The new accessories increase productivity and versatility for professional landscape contractors.

The powered hopper lift makes it incredibly easy to dump clippings from the Navigator's hopper.

The powered hopper lift makes it incredibly easy to dump clippings from the Navigator’s hopper.

“When we redesigned the Navigator in 2013, one of our goals was to make the machine easier to operate,” said Exmark Director of Marketing, Daryn Walters. “The powered hopper lift option gives Navigator operators the ability to empty a full load of clippings at the touch of a finger. Nothing could be easier.”

In addition to the powered hopper lift system, Exmark has also introduced a rotary broom for the Navigator. This not only increases the machine’s versatility during the cutting season, it expands the potential uses for the Navigator well beyond the cutting season.

According to Exmark Parts and Accessories Marketing Manager, Mark Aldendifer, the rotary broom is designed to perform in a variety of applications, from thatch reduction to snow removal, thanks to two available brush materials.

“Versatility is the name of the game with the Navigator rotary broom attachment. It is shipped with the heavy-duty black bristle set – optimal for snow and general debris removal. We also offer an optional yellow turf bristle set, which has been optimized for dethatching operations.”

The Navigator rotary broom allows angle adjustment of 20-degrees left or right, quickly from the driver’s seat.

The rotary broom attachment expands the usefulness of the Navigator well beyond the cutting season.

The rotary broom attachment expands the usefulness of the Navigator well beyond the cutting season.

A factory-authorized aftermarket accessory, Exmark partnered with M-B Companies, Inc. for manufacturing and sales of the Navigator rotary broom. The system requires installation of a quick hitch (sold separately). Once dealer installation of the quick hitch is complete, the rotary broom fits-up quickly without tools.

The Navigator’s large 9.5-bushel collection hopper increases productivity by allowing operators to spend more time mowing and less time managing the hopper. To further increase the productivity of the Navigator, Exmark developed an exclusive fill-reduction system, which increases the versatility of the machine by allowing the operator to quickly and easily switch from dedicated bagging to fill-reduction mode (30 percent bagging, 70 percent mulching), or 100 percent mulching.

Exmark offers the Navigator with a choice of 42- or 48-inch cutting decks. The floating design precisely tracks ground contours to virtually eliminate scalping. Patented flow-control baffles and a large-diameter blower allow the Navigator to generate massive airflow for increased vacuuming action and a superior, manicured quality of cut.

The 4 5/8-inch deep cutting deck features a rear-discharge design for superior clipping flow-through, reduced noise and the ability to trim on both sides of the deck. Constructed of high-strength welded steel, the Navigator cutting deck also features heavy-duty gear-driven spindle assemblies to deliver superior reliability and long-term durability.

The Navigator features Exmark’s FeatherTouch controls, which deliver smoother, more precise control for effortless maneuvering, even in tight spaces. Updated to reduce control force and provide a more consistent feel throughout lever travel, the FeatherTouch controls are easy-to-operate and offer an increased range of adjustment to precisely fit a wide range of operator sizes.

Two powerful Kohler engine options are available for the 2014 Navigator, including the CH640 Command V-twin, and the ECH730 Command EFI V-twin with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). Both engines feature heavy-duty cyclonic air filters and a Lazer Z-style hour meter module and harness for improved on-board diagnostics.

The Navigator features Superior Gear gearbox assemblies with spiral-bevel cut gears for quiet operation. Each gearbox is independently sealed to prevent cross-contamination or loss of lubricant, and Exmark engineers use 3/8-inch hardware to connect all gearboxes and shaft tubes for increased reliability and strength. Additionally, Premium Timken tapered roller bearings are used to ensure superior durability and long life.

The new accessories join a long list of productivity and versatility enhancing accessories for the Navigator, including:

  •  Custom suspension seat
  •  48-inch snow blade
  •  44-inch snow blower
  •  Mulching kit
  •  Light kit
  •  Dump Tubs

Learn more about the 2014 Exmark Navigator or find the nearest authorized Exmark dealer at Exmark.com, or call (402) 223-6300.

Remove Snow Better with the Exmark 36-inch Rotary Broom

December 4th, 2014

We designed the Exmark 36-inch Rotary Broom to deliver four season utility. It’s incredibly effective at cleaning virtually any surface, and while many folks don’t think of a rotary broom as the ideal tool for snow removal, few machines can match its effectiveness and speed when it comes time to clear snow from sidewalks, driveways and other areas.

The standard black brush set is optimized for snow removal and concrete cleaning.

The standard black brush set is optimized for snow removal and concrete cleaning.

A number of features make the 36-inch Rotary Broom an ideal tool for snow removal. The standard black brush discs are optimized for snow and concrete use, while softer yellow brush discs are available for turf use. A robust pin-type height adjustment system facilitates positive ground engagement and easy leveling with adjustments in 1/8-inch increments.

The patented power steering system uses fingertip controls to control turns, making steering and reversing easy, and an available tire chain kit delivers enhanced traction in snowy or icy conditions. The machine includes independent controls for the brush and ground drive systems, and the brush can be angled up to 20-degrees right-or-left with fingertip controls.

A simple 180-degree twist is all it takes to optimize performance of the Kohler Command Pro engine for cold or warm weather.

A simple 180-degree twist is all it takes to optimize performance of the Kohler Command Pro engine for cold or warm weather.

The powerful Kohler Command Pro single-cylinder engine features a multi-season cyclonic air filter design. In winter, a simple 180-degree twist of the air filter cover allows the engine to receive pre-warmed air from the engine manifold for increased cold weather performance. Other features including a cast-iron cylinder liner, forged steel crankshaft and all-metal 4.2 quart (4.0 liter) gasoline tank further enhance reliability and durability in commercial use.

Learn more about the 36-inch Rotary Broom on the Exmark YouTube channel, or at Exmark.com.

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